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    ISO 9001:2008
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Engineering Design

Fairtex provides engineering services to support, construction, handover, commissioning, operations and maintenance of the engineering projects with innovative thinking, proven processes and most advanced technologies.

We collaborate with our clients in achieving their operational goals with high regard for the safety and efficiency, within the time and budget limits drawn up by the client.

By providing top engineering services, Fairtex through her engineering partner contributes to the elimination of shutdowns and supplementary costs by offering the best decision support capabilities resulting in excellent design and life cycle optimization.

  • Providing engineering design on heavy lifting, transportation, mooring, ballasting, jacking & skidding, weighing services, offshore installation.

  • Provides construction engineering services related to transportation, load-out, start-up, beach pulls, laydown, A & R operations, davit lifting of pipelines for mid-line tie-in or riser stalk on, crossing of other subsurface facilities, trenching, recovery of buckled pipelines.

  • Design of the pipe lay system including all the handling and pipe laying systems required for pipe-laying vessels. This capability extends to design of stingers as well. We are capable of performing optimization studies for the pipe ramp and stinger profile to maximize the capability of any lay vessel being designed.

We are providing good & on time services to our valuable clients.