Boiler Installation & Maintenance

Fairtex Group provide Boiler services to the oil and gas, Refinery, petrochemical, power plant, Pharmaceuticals, Chemicals, Food & Beverages, Breweries and Iron & Steel, etc. We offer O & M services for all the industrial utility equipment – mechanical or electrical. Our operators & technicians are experienced, skilled & most importantly dedicated.

Our boiler installation and maintenance services cover commissioning and start up assistance, refurbishment and upgrade of existing boilers, retrofitting and revamping existing boilers, installation of control and safety electronic systems, burner management systems, repairs and replacement of pressure parts, delivery and installation of original spare parts, quick repair, preventive maintenance contracts and training.

Boiler Repairing Services, Installation Service & Start-up

The following are our services:

  • Piping, venting, insulating, installing a new boiler pump

  • Electrical wiring to the existing electrical panel, replacing all controls, performing start up

  • Refractory Repair

  • Hydrostatic Testing

  • Casing Repair

  • Tube Cleaning

  • Boiler Rebuilding and Retubing

  • Boiler Controls/Safety Checks

  • Replacement of the heat exchanger

  • Calibrate the temperature and controls inside the boiler

  • Replacement of the motorized valves or the zones valves

  • Inspection of the leakages, parts, and breakdowns

  • Replacement of fire and water tubes

  • Weld repairs

  • Repair flow passage, vessel section, tube sheet, pipe head

Boiler Maintenance Services

Regular maintenance on boiler is critical in preventing unnecessary repairs. Our 24-point maintenance checklist includes:

  • Inspect heat exchanger and burners

  • Check water pressure relief valve, expansion tank, and piping

  • Examine vent connector and venting system

  • Clean both interior and exterior of boiler

  • Check for elevated carbon monoxide levels

  • Final test and checkup to ensure machine is running smoothly

Boiler Installation & Maintenance

We are providing good & on time services to our valuable clients.