Chiller Tube Cleaning

Fairtex Group provides Condenser and Chiller Services for chiller tube maintenance and cleaning. We specialize in total heat exchanger service and provide complete on-site cleaning service for condenser, chiller, and heat exchanger tubes for all applications.

We utilize our in-house tube cleaning tools for our chiller maintenance, brush cleaning, and equipment repairs.

Condenser and Chiller Services have designed our own custom-made brushes for cleaning heavily fouled condenser and chiller tubes. In many cases, these special cleaning brushes have actually saved our customers from tube failure and expensive retubing costs. We use specialized brushes with different bristle sizes, consistencies, and materials such as nylon, Spin-Grit textured bristles, brass, or stainless steel reinforced, etc., to provide the most effective cleaning for every chiller system we encounter. If our brushes can't clean the tubes, then Rydlyme chemical cleaning is the next best option.

Our chiller tube cleaning technicians will:

  • Valve off your system's chiller

  • Drain the condenser and/or evaporator

  • Remove the heads and end covers

  • Brush clean all condenser and/or evaporator tubes

  • Clean all gasket surfaces, replacing gaskets as necessary

  • Reassemble the system

Should it be requested, we can also eddy current test the tubes after cleaning to check for damaged or deteriorating tubes. We can also plug or replace severely damaged tubes should any be found.

Chiller Tube Cleaning

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