Dewatering And Pipeline Dewatering Services

Fairtex Group provides dewatering services to various industries. We have high-pressure special pumps for dewatering purposes, reducing water levels to keep excavations and soil dry. We currently provide bypass pumping, dewatering, and power generation services for pipeline clients.

Recognizing dewatering as a critical task, we offer a wide range of mining pumps covering various applications, with capacities ranging from a minimum of 50 cubic meters to a maximum of 4500 cubic meters, making them suitable for dewatering.

The impact of groundwater on a construction project can be significant. You require a dry and safe worksite with no downtime and no excuses. When companies need dewatering services, they turn to Fairtex Group. We provide a comprehensive and cost-effective range of services, including deep well, wellpoint, and eductor system dewatering. Fairtex is the sole dewatering company in Nigeria offering every available solution to address groundwater problems.

Our services include:

  • Deep Well Dewatering

  • Wellpoint Dewatering Installation

  • Sock Tile Trenching

  • Eductor Systems

Specialized Dewatering Services for the Pipeline Construction Industry:

  • Dewatering Systems (Wellpoint, Deep Well, Sock Tile, Eductor)

  • Full-Service Trenching

  • Power Generation

  • HDPE Pipe and Fusion

  • Pumping Services (Bypass, Booster)

  • Exploratory Well Drilling (Geotechnical Services)

  • Service Crews / Pump Watch

  • A full line of Accessories

We offer a complete line of submersible pumps, engine-driven suction pumps, generators, piping, and complementary dewatering accessories for both long and short-term services. Furthermore, our pumps can run dry indefinitely without causing damage or excessive wear, providing a reliable and durable solution to the challenges faced in many dewatering applications.

Our dedicated operational and management team ensures excellent 24/7 service to keep your project on track. With our experience and expertise, we provide cost-efficient and environmentally responsible solutions.

Dewatering And Pipeline Dewatering Services

We are providing good & on time services to our valuable clients.