FPSO And Drilling Rig Tank Desludging / Cleaning

Fairtex Group is the global market leader in air-operated ultra-tough vacuum pumping units capable of transferring any flowable material across a wide range of mining, oil & gas, FPSO & tanker tank cleaning, agricultural, industrial, and municipal applications. Pumping the unpumpable.

Tank cleaning is the process of removing hydrocarbon vapors, liquids, or residues. We provide cleaning services to oil tankers, shipping vessels, and other waterborne vessels. Our experienced team cleans engine rooms, pump rooms, storage rooms, bilge tanks, slop tanks, fuel oil tanks, and oil spills with our eco-friendly solution.

Tank cleaning may be required for one or more of the following reasons:

  • To gas-free tanks for internal inspections, repairs, or prior to entering dry dock.

  • To remove sediments from tank top plating.

  • To load a different and not compatible grade of cargo.

The Fairtex Group range of Slurry Management Systems and vacuum pumps offers an efficient and economical solution to most pumping challenges.

Fairtex Group provides FPSO (Floating Production Storage and Offloading) tank sludge removal & hull cleaning with its Pneumatic Air Operated Vacuum Pump. The pump has provided increased efficiencies, reduced completion times with increased safety requirements of working within a confined space.

Our FPSO Vessel Tank Cleaning / Desludging Services for FPSO, Ships, and Tankers. 

Fairtex Group has experienced and expertise in desludging fieldwork and will ensure services meet required standards. All sludges will be disposed of in accordance with rules and regulations for the disposal of wastewater and sludge at the approved disposal ground.

Our pump delivers up to 30m vertical discharge for FPSO tank sludge removal and cleaning services. Our experience is that the FPSO or vessels need to be offshore or in the dry dock for tank sludge removal and cleaning for several days.

Our Solids Pumps are capable of pumping any flowable material, including liquids, liquors, slurries, mud, slimes, sand, gravel, and powder.

We use industrial cleaning equipment with high-specification vacuum transfer and the latest specification of breathing apparatus, monitoring, and communication systems. A unique combination of our specialist equipment and highly trained operatives and safe working procedures all contribute to providing a consistent and proven level of performance and safety.

Our cleaning services cover the following:

  • Chemical washing and flushing

  • Drilling rig offshore/onshore tank cleaning

  • Mud System Cleaning

  • Supply vessel tank cleaning

Our standards in Hot Work are shown in our service:

  • Afloat cleaning/rafting to remove all oily residue from the entire tank interior, top to bottom, up to hot work standards.

  • Removal of mud/scale by hosing down the tank to dilute the mud and pumping out all muddy water.

  • Cleaning of miscellaneous tanks in the engine room, such as sludge tanks, bilge tanks, and lobe oil settling tanks.

  • Removal of all sediments and diesel/chemical mopping in FOT

  • Degrease and wash down Pumproom

  • Provide lighting, ventilation, and assistance to UT surveyor for tank gauging and inspection.

  • Appointment of an independent chemist for gas-free and tank-cleaning inspections, as well as hot work certification.

FPSO And Drilling Rig Tank Desludging / Cleaning

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