Heat Exchanger Maintenance And Upgrade

Fairtex Group maintained and serviced of heat exchangers will improve the efficiency of any steam plant by turning unused steam back into hot water which is then recycled by adding it back into the feedwater. Fairtex Group has vast experience in maintaining and upgrading many types of heat exchanger. Our teams capable of deploying to any site globally and presenting engineering solutions to operators so they can best maximize the potential of their asset.

The types of heat exchanger covered in our heat exchanger maintenance & upgrade include:

  • Sea water condensers

  • Fuel oil heaters

  • Cargo oil heaters

  • Lube oil coolers

  • Hydraulic oil coolers

  • Sea water coolers

  • Process heat exchangers

  • Vaporizers

  • Feed heaters

  • Water makers

Fairtex Group prefabricate, install and commission new units that are more efficient and cost effective to run. We offers the following for heat exchanger maintenance & upgrade

  • Mechanical cleaning of heat exchangers process and sea water circuits

  • Chemical cleaning of heat exchangers process and sea water circuits

  • Retubing works

  • Sleeve inserts

  • Mechanical works such as valves etc.

  • Tube sheet repairs and coatings

  • End box repairs and coating repairs

  • Pressure testing

  • Retrofit of more efficient heat exchangers such as plate type which would reduce the electrical load as the heat transfer is more efficient less cooling medium is required

  • Automatic system balance using new control technology and VFD which again reduce parasitic load

Heat Exchanger Maintenance And Upgrade

Heat Exchanger Maintenance And Upgrade

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