Helium Leak Detection

Fairtex Group offers leak testing services using Helium gas for equipment such as Columns, Reactors, Pipelines, and Oil Platforms through the positive pressure method. Typically, in these cases, we pressurize the equipment / pipeline with a mixture of Nitrogen and Helium in a 90:10 ratio to the testing pressure required by the client and check for leaks in all possible areas. Even Helium leaks can be identified using our Sensitive Helium Spectrometer. Our helium leak detection covers air leakage in condensers and leakage testing of condenser tubes.

Helium Leak Detection has the capability to find and quantify leak rates as small as 1 x 10^-11 std cc/sec. With our extensive industry experience, we are able to meet any customer requirement.

Air in-leakage negatively impacts plant performance, while tube leaks can cause forced outages costing plants thousands in maintenance and lost productivity. Using advanced tracer gas leak detection technology, Fairtex Group technicians can quickly locate the sources of leaks within your plant. Fairtex Group has been an innovator and a leading provider of leak detection services for over 20 years, offering helium technology.

Fairtex crews can detect:

  • Condenser air in-leakage

  • Condenser tube leakage

  • Heat Exchanger tube leakage

  • Sources of dissolved oxygen

  • Stator water system leakage

  • Main generator leakage

Depending on the characteristics of the leak, a determination is made whether to mobilize with the helium mass spectrometer system, the state-of-the-art technology of Fairtex Group.

Fairtex Group introduces a state-of-the-art inspection technique to detect leaks in the negative pressure parts of Steam Condensers. Air in-leakage is one of the worst issues for the Condenser's vacuum system, which undermines the equipment's performance.

Air in-leakage results in blanketing the tube surface from the steam side, thereby reducing heat transfer efficiency, as air is a poor conductor of heat. Also, the increase in back pressure due to air in-leakage leads to an increase in dissolved oxygen in the condensate, resulting in deposition on the water wall and superheater tubes of the Boiler, turbine blades, and, thereby, leading to generation loss, extra fuel consumption, and so on.

Hence, early detection of leaks and addressing them would undoubtedly improve the performance of the condenser. It is crucial that the negative pressure part of the condenser/turbine should not be neglected under any circumstances.

Helium Leak Detection

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