Industrial Bolting Services

Fairtex Group provides complete turnkey industrial bolting services and technical support for ensuring leak‐free start‐up of critical assemblies such as pipe flanges, turbines, reactors, vessel manways, compressors, and heat exchangers. Our experienced technicians and industrial bolting engineers get projects completed quickly and efficiently. We utilize continuous-turning high-speed pneumatic torque wrenches, which are up to 20 times faster than traditional tools.

Our Services Covers:

  • Bolt Torquing

  • Stud Tensioning

  • Nut Splitting

  • Ultrasonic Bolt Measuring

Bolt Torquing Services

Fairtex Group's Bolt Torquing services provide a simple and safe method for ensuring controlled tightening and loosening of bolts. A wide range of light, compact, safe and easy-to-use hydraulic, pneumatic, electric and battery powered torque tools are available.

Stud Tensioning Services

Fairtex Group Stud Tensioning service is an accurate method of tightening threaded fasteners and subsequently inducing load through advanced hydraulic technology, all without directly turning the nut thereby avoiding frictional losses. Stud tensioning ensures that the gaskets are compressed as required by the manufacturer in order to achieve optimum joint integrity. Our team of experienced and trained technicians ensure any tensioning job is done efficiently, safely and to the industry’s highest standards..

Nut Splitting Services

Fairtex Group provides Nut splitting services for corroded, eroded or seized nuts which regular torque tools cannot loosen. We do not use hazardous procedures like grinding, sawing and flame cutting, rather we use our specialized nut splitting techniques to address galled, stripped or stubborn nuts and bolts causing delays during critical times. We provide a full-line of safe, spark-free hydraulic nut splitting tools and services. Our technicians can split nuts ranging from 32mm to 100mm in size in a safe manner.

Industrial Bolting Services

Industrial Bolting Services

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