Industrial Cleaning Services

Fairtex offers a variety of industrial cleaning services for your needs. With our high-pressure techniques and years of expertise, our staff can remove and clean the most challenging and toughest materials and residues from various industrial materials and facilities.

Industrial Tank Cleaning Services

Our industrial tank cleaning services include a range of pressures from 5000psi to 40000psi. We have invested the money and time in our expertly trained technicians to ensure they can clean all types of residues from the interior walls and floor of your tank, including silicone, sludge, glue, and even hardened concrete.

Industrial Tank Cleaning Services Includes:

  • High-Pressure Water-Blasting Services

  • Hydro Excavation

  • Sludge Removal & Processing

  • Protective Coating after Tank Cleaning Service

  • Decontamination Services

  • Industrial Pipe Cleaning

  • Industrial Protective Coating

  • NACE Certified Coating Inspectors

  • Coating Service Level I, II & III Services

Industrial Pipe Cleaning

We offer industrial pipe cleaning services using UHP on surface/material strength and quality. Fairtex always looks for the latest and greatest technology in the industry. As a leading industrial pipe cleaning service provider, we have the ability to clean lines from 1 inch to 36 inches with minimal entry points.

Our Industrial Pipe Cleaning Services Include:

  • Retro Jetting of Industrial Pipe Systems ( Retro jetting is the act of flushing or blasting an industrial pipe to remove residual materials or fragments that are often caught on the walls and surfaces of industrial pipes)

  • Hydro – An Efficient Method of Cleaning Industrial Pipes (Hydro milling is a very intelligent way to remove debris because it can remove particles of any size, and the water requirements for operation are much lower than for other water flushes.

  • Rotary Hose Device & Pipe Cleaning (The Industrial Pipe Cleaning Rotary Hose Device gets inside the pipes and blasts away years of accumulated mineral deposits, scale, biological matter, and other debris that clog pipes and restricts fluid flow

Drill Pipe Cleaning

In a drilling process, most drill pipes need special care to get cleaned up. As most of pipes in a Rig, clean drill pipes still are an important issue during the operation. K S Offshore develops special nozzles and accessories for a better cleaning. Furthermore, we are always upgrading advanced accessories for an optimized ultra-high pressure hydro blasting in drill pipes with internal plastic and cement coating.

Tube Cleaning Services

Fairtex specializes in tube Cleaning and helping industrial facilities to operate more efficiently. Our company’s specialty is condenser maintenance, and we offer a full range of condenser and heat exchanger maintenance products and services.
Fairtex experience in condenser related services which include condenser tube cleaning, helium leak detection, heat exchanger cleaning, chemical cleaning, industrial coatings, high pressure water blasting, and expansion joint repair and replacement.
Fairtex supply patented condenser tube cleaners that are typically used in conjunction with our condenser and heat exchanger tube cleaning services.

Tube Cleaning Services Offered:

  • Condenser Tube Cleaning

  • Heat exchanger tube cleaning

  • Chemical cleaning of heat exchangers, piping, and vessels

  • Fin fan and intercooler fin cleaning

  • Industrial coatings – Tube sheet coatings – Water box coatings

  • High Pressure Water Blasting

  • Helium air in-leakage testing of condenser systems

  • Helium tube leak detection

  • Tube leak detection pressure testing

  • Generator pressure testing with helium

  • Underground pipe pressure testing with helium

  • Various types of tube plugging including Pop A Plug installation

  • Various types of tube plugging including Pop A Plug installation

  • Combustible dust cleaning with low moisture foaming agent

  • Combustible dust vacuuming

  • Cooling tower cleaning

Products Offered

  • Patented Metal, Plastic, and U-tube tube cleaning

  • Nylon and wire brush type

  • Custom equipment for cleaning condensers and heat exchangers

  • Various tube plug types

  • Custom equipment for combustible dust cleaning

  • Low moisture foaming agent for combustible dust cleaning

Cargo Oil and Sludge Tank Cleaning

Fairtex provide desludging and cleaning services for FPSO using automated cleaning system with High Pressure Jetting and Vacuum Transfer System capable of water jetting and cleaning of the interior surfaces and evacuating sludge from a depth of over 50 meters in FPSO.

  • Tank and vessel cleaning, including floating, production, storage & offloading (FPSO) vessels.

  • Use of Specialist vacuum and pumps technology designed for the removal of heavy sludges

  • Remote cleaning of vessels with minimum human engagement

  • Routine & Integrity checks of the tanks as well as the pipeworks

  • Safe Movement of Waste Materials (Use of Vacuum transfer and pumping technology for the controlled movement of a broad range of waste materials like Liquids Sludge, Sands and Mud)

  • Tank Cleaning

  • Tank Coating

  • Tank mapping/profiling

  • Tank and confined space gas monitoring

  • Tank and confined space dangerous gas management (gas blanketing)

  • On Site Nitrogen Generation/Supply

  • Acoustic tank inspection system

Non-Man Entry Jetting System
Fairtex fully automated jetting system comprises of 3D jetting heads which rotate to impact every surface of a vessel. This results in a more thorough clean than conventional confined space jetting would achieve

Industrial Cleaning Services

Industrial Cleaning Services

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