Industrial Tank & Vessel Cleaning Services

Fairtex Group provides a flexible and comprehensive industrial tank and vessels cleaning service. We have the technical expertise to analyze the contents of the tank, including testing for hazardous substances, and performing a thorough clean either through man entry or with the use of pressures equipment ranging from 5,000psi to 40,000psi. We can mobilize equipment and workforce at short notice to process sludges and waste streams from a wide variety of sources, including fuel and oil tanks, slop oil tanks, crude oil tanks, ballast tanks and waste pits to separate the resultant waste from cleaning operations. We partner with PETRONEFT NON-ENTRY ENGINEERING SOLUTIONS PVT. LTD, an Indian company and who specialize in Non-Man Entry Tank Cleaning. Our Industrial Tank Services Covers:

  • Robotic Tank Cleaning

  • Remote Control and Automatic cleaning

  • Man, Entry Tank Cleaning

  • The Robot efficiently cuts through sediment/sludge without creating turbidity

  • Professional safety NO MEN ENTRY process

  • Quicker and safer tank cleaning

  • On-site processing and separation of sludge into 3 phases

  • Clean water is pumped to the desired area (usually back into the tank/basin)

  • Turnkey design and installation

  • Special washing liquid

  • Safe and accurate quantification of sludge

  • On-line removal of sludge from API separators, DAF sludge unit

  • Separation, classification, and pumping

  • Recovery of product oil to the refinery

  • A vast reduction in the volume of sediment for disposal

  • Degassing of the fuel tank

Industrial Tank & Vessel Cleaning Services

Industrial Tank & Vessel Cleaning Services

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