Maintenance & Shutdown

Fairtex group possesses all the skills necessary to provide bespoke maintenance services.

  • Fairtex group provide routine maintenance on production plants and utilities as part of GMC (General Maintenance Contract) and FMC (Fabric Maintenance Contract)

  • Maintenance on offshore cranes

  • Major maintenance shutdowns (shutdowns and turnarounds)

Pump, Valve and Actuator Overhaul / Repair Services

Fairtex Group team of service engineers and specialist are proficiently skilled in Pump, Valve and Actuator overhaul or repair in accordance to proper handling, servicing, and quality test procedures.

Our engineers are trained to service valves and remote-control system. All our inspections and repair processes are well documented and test reports are generated. We respect all clients and treat every job with integrity.

  • Receive valves/ actuators from client.

  • Inspect all received valves for physical damage

  • Strip valves / actuators down and layout all stepped equipment to carry out inspection with clients.

  • Decide and log for each valve / actuator / equipment the decided repair procedure after discussion with clients.

  • Welding and build up through welding

  • Metal coating / Metal Spray.

  • Replace all accessories, fittings, O rings with new ones.

  • Blasting and Painting works.

  • Reinstall back equipment with new liners, sleeves etc.

  • Final assembled product must be subjected to necessary test. Example of test are Non-Destructive Test, Positive Material Identification, Hydro Test, Function Test, Pressure Test

  • Electrical & Instrumentation control Services

  • Integrated Control & Safety Systems (ICSS) Services

  • Process and control system automation (DCS, ICSS, SIS, PAS, PLC, SCADA)

  • Emergency Shutdown (ESD)

  • Fire and Gas Detection and Control (FGS)

Maintenance & Shutdown

Maintenance & Shutdown

We are providing good & on time services to our valuable clients.