Ship Tank Cleaning And Painting Services

Fairtex Group provides corrosion prevention services to shipping companies that require our blasting and painting services as part of our support activities for ships.

Our activities include the following:

  1. High-Pressure Water Washing (HP Water Washing)

  2. Abrasive Sandblasting

  3. Ultra-High-Pressure Water Sandblasting (UHP Water Sandblasting)

  4. Paint Spraying

Fairtex Group offers a high-performance range of equipment that enables the implementation of a complete process for cleaning and leveling the paint on boat hulls, which includes washing, sandblasting, and painting.

Complete Range of Services:

We provide comprehensive corrosion prevention services through a wide range of blasting and coating methods on-site at customers' shipyards. In addition to our core services, we are also engaged in designing and supplying blasting and painting systems. Our primary focus is on providing corrosion prevention services to shipyards in the Republic of Bulgaria, where this is a vital part of shipbuilding, ship conversion, and ship repair activities. We also consider requests from companies in the shipping, fishing, and technical sectors.

Generally, we offer corrosion prevention services for both the external hull of ships and various onboard structures. External hull corrosion prevention involves the blasting and painting of the vessel's external hull, while onboard vessel corrosion prevention services include the blasting and painting of the vessel's internal structures, such as tank internals, ship decks, accommodation areas, and other storage tanks.

Millennium Shipping and Marine Services Limited prioritizes safety for everyone involved, meeting and exceeding excellence standards in our work. We take pride in our dedication to our customers and the quality of our services.

Why Marine Tank Cleaning Is Necessary

Routine vessel tank cleaning is necessary not only for cleanliness but also to comply with changing storage regulations over time. Another important reason is to facilitate inspections, necessary vessel maintenance, or product type changes. Routine tank cleaning is essential for the smooth operation of a vessel.

Ship Tank Cleaning And Painting Services

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