Valve Management Services

Fairtex Group has developed a clear and structured approach to Valve Management pulling together all of worldwide experience from both our In House and External. Our approach to Valve Management allows us to conduct a criticality study as a stand-alone piece of work or as part of a wider approach to all of your valve needs.

On-line and Valve Maintenance

Fairtex group is expert in complete solution for any valve problem, and specialized in repair and overhauling of MSSV, HP & LP Bypass, Manual Valves, Control Valves, Motor Operated Valves, Safety relief and pilot valves, etc.

Our Valve Management Services Includes:

  • Commissioning Support and Assistance

  • Offshore repair and recertification

  • Onshore shutdown and maintenance support

  • Maintenance strategy development

  • Technical Support

  • Valve Stock Management

  • Valve Procurement

Valve Testing, Servicing & Recertification

Fairtex Group provide PRV in-situ testing includes Hydraulics Assisted Lifting, Pop-Test, Live-Float, servicing and overhauling according to API and ASME Standard. Our capability not restricted to onshore testing and servicing but expand to offshore to provide mobile service and able to serve clients worldwide. Our Service Includes:

  • Pressure Relief Valve Setting and Testing; Overhaul, Hydro-Setting and Live Testing

  • Pressure Relief Valve Inspection/ Recertification for Marine and Offshore Industries, On-site Pop-Test, Inspection, Calibration Overhaul.

  • Specialist Support for Plant Commissioning and Startup

  • Hydraulics Assist Valve Testing / Trevi-Test / Electronics Valve Test (EVT) / Teson Valve Testing

  • Control Valve Troubleshooting, Testing and Calibration

  • Manual Valve Recondition and Testing

  • Spare parts Supply and Assistance for Valves.

In-line Valve Repairs

Our line of portable valve machines is used for the grinding and lapping of sealing faces in gate valves, globe valves, check valves and more. With our machines we can produce absolutely flat sealing surfaces and we can service valve seats from 1" to 36" in diameter. When lapping alone isn't sufficient we also have the capability to machine the damaged seats beforehand. Our Services include:

  • Lapping Seats

  • Machining Seats

  • Re-Facing Valve Body Flanges

  • Bolt Torquing

Online Safety Valve Testing

Fairtex Group owns the technology of online safety valve testing device. It is designed to test Relief Valves online. Online Testing of Safety & Relief Valves during plant operation is carried out at any location. Carrying out the test helps in increasing accuracy, reducing downtime, as well as avoiding emergency shutdown solely for mandatory testing. Our Activities Covers:

  • On-Line Valve Greasing

  • On-Line Valve Sealing

  • Uni-Test On-Line Safety Valve Testing

  • On-line flushing, lubricating, and sealing service.

  • Plant Turnaround

  • Plant Emergency Shutdown/Breakdown

  • Annual Servicing Contract

  • In-Situ Valve Repairs

  • Removal and Installation of Valves

  • Fabrication of Spares by reverse Engineering technology

  • Testing and Certification of New Valves

  • Onsite Flange Facing, Boring and Pipe Cutting and Bevelling.

Valve Management Services

Valve Management Services

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