Corrosion Control Services / Passive Fire Protection

Our expertise in anti-corrosion and industrial coating technologies has enabled us to secure many prestigious and demanding painting contracts. Fairtex offers management solution for pre-survey work, through life-coatings specification, grit blasting and water blasting for surface preparation and high quality coating systems. We are able to provide anti-corrosion services and inspection for protecting equipment and facilities from corrosion and prolong the useful life of industrial assets for the oil & gas, petrochemical, refinery and other industrial applications. Our anti-corrosion services covers the following

  • Coatings

  • Hydro-Blasting

  • Thermal Spray Application

  • Epoxy Syntactic Foam

  • Epoxy Syntactic Foam

  • Blasting

Passive Fire Protection

Fairtex supply and install passive fire protection system to the oil and gas industry for both offshore and onshore platforms including refineries, petrochemical and other industries. Fire is an ever-present danger at offshore locations. Oil and fuels burn fiercely, making it necessary to provide offshore facilities with fire protection of the very highest quality. Fairtex supplies first-class fire-protection systems together with passive fire-resistant materials for use in a offshore and onshore platforms, including steel constructions, buildings, piping and cables. Our Passive Fire Protection Capabilities

  • Install both epoxy and cementitious passive fire protection within the hydrocarbon market

  • Install passive fire protection within the cellulosic market

  • Install precision grouting; both epoxy and cementitious product

  • Installation of thermal insulation, epoxy cable coating and joint seals

  • Protective coatings for anti-corrosion treatment of steel structures, equipment and piping

  • Wet sprayed linings, including elastomeric polyurethane, polyuria, polyester and epoxy

  • Wet sprayed epoxy, polyuria and urethane pipeline coatings

  • Installation of passive fire protection within the cellulosic market

  • Installation of insulation employing the latest in insulation product technology

Corrosion Control Services / Passive Fire Protection

Corrosion Control Services / Passive Fire Protection

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