Cathodic Protection Monitoring

Fairtex provides Cathodic Protection Services to the offshore and onshore facilities of the oil and gas for protection used to prevent corrosion on buried or submerged metallic structures such as pipelines, storage tanks, offshore structures and subsea modules.

Fairtex has the capability to provide full cathodic protection equipment and materials for your project needs. Our C.P. services are inline with client and international standards. We design & install cathodic protection systems, equipment and materials provided, include field surveys, engineering designs, material specifications, equipment and materials, installation, construction inspection and system commissioning.


Fairtex provides cathodic protection engineering services which covers but not limited to:

  • Cathodic Protection Design

  • Economic Feasibility Studies & Budget Estimates

  • Current Requirement Testing

  • Pipe & Cable Locating

  • Electrical Short Locating

  • Electrical Continuity, Isolation & Resistance Testing

  • Potential Profiling

  • Rectifier Monitoring & Troubleshooting

  • System Maintenance & Troubleshooting

  • Long-term Data Acquisition

  • Underground Pipeline Current Mapping

  • Soil & Water Analysis

Cathodic Protection Field Testing

  • Current Requirement

  • Line Current (native & operational)

  • Current Mapping

  • Resistivity Profile (soil & water)

  • Electrical Continuity & Isolation

  • Pipe & Cable Location

  • Foreign Contact Detection

  • Cathodic Protection Review

  • Potential Profiles (annual & close interval surveys)

  • Stray Current & Interference

  • Cell-to-Cell Surveys

Installation Services

  • Deep Anode Drilling

  • Complete Cathodic Protection System Installation

  • Cathodic Protection System Repair

  • Cathodic Protection System Relocation

  • Cathodic Protection System Abandonment

Maintenance Services

  • Cathodic Protection Review

  • Foreign Contact Locating

  • Periodic Rectifier Monitoring

  • Coating Inspection, Factory or Field

  • Rectifier Monitoring & Repair

  • Instrument Repair

  • Holiday Detection

Cathodic Protection Monitoring

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