Engineering Services

Fairtex offshore/onshore Construction and Installation division focus on EPCIM, Engineering, Procurement, Construction, Installation and Maintenance for offshore and onshore project. Fairtex have over 19 years’ experience for provision EPCIM and other specialized services to oil and gas company and has deliver challenging project in the division.

This division owned design and engineering department providing design and engineering services to the Oil and Gas, marine, fertilizer, food processing and petrochemical industries covering the following:

  • Design for Project Sanction and FID

  • Design for Value Chain Integration

  • Design for Manufacturing and Assembly

  • Design for Lifecycle and Interface Optimization

Our Engineering Services Covers the Following:

Pipeline Engineering

  • Design and analysis of Oil/Gas pipelines and flowlines are carried out in accordance with the requirements of ASME B31.4 and ASME B31.8 standards

  • Calculations and Analysis

  • Pipe and Bend wall thickness calculations.

  • Pipeline On-Bottom Stability calculations.

  • Virtual anchor length calculations.

  • Pipeline Global Buckling Analysis.

  • Cathodic protection systems design of oil and gas pipeline.

  • AUTO-PIPE and stresses in a pipeline system

Process and Technical Safety Engineering

Our engineering services include the following:

  • Design of Process system for a “Greenfield”, “Brownfield”: Gas to liquids, Reactor, Separation, Heavy oil upgrading, Distillation, Natural gas processing Design, Sulfur processing, recovery and handling, CO² sequestration, Refining future energy reduction technologies

  • Design of revamping of existing flow stations and platforms

  • HAZOP and safety engineering

  • Defining process configuration and operating conditions and identifying critical process design.

  • Assisting in plant startup/performance testing, troubleshooting

  • Defining process configuration and operating conditions and identifying critical process design considerations.

  • Assisting in plant startup/performance testing, troubleshooting

Piping and Plant Layout Engineering

We provide a range of Piping Engineering Design, covering both offshore and onshore facilities.

  • Piping Engineering design from conceptual studies through FEED (Basic Engineering) to Detailed Engineering Design.

  • Development and refinement of “Plot Plans”

  • Establishing equipment nozzle locations, Routing of pipes, Location of equipment and miscellaneous plant items

  • Underground (GRE and GRP Composite) Piping & Surface Piping Designs.

  • Materials Engineering selection.

  • Modelling solutions are utilized

Mechanical Engineering

We provide Mechanical capabilities for mechanizations and equipment manufacturing support Rotating Machinery, Static Equipment, Package Equipment and Building Services (HVAC & Plumbing).

Rotating equipment:
Pumps (Centrifugal, Positive displacement), Compressors, Turbine Engine drivers, Fan & Blowers, Mixers, Extruders and Rotary Filters Specifications, Vendor follow-up and Inspections

Static equipment:
Vessels, Tanks (Pressure API 650 & atmospheric API 620), Separators, Reactors, Columns. Review of fabrication calculations, follow-up, Inspections.

Package equipment:
Equipment skid Packages, Utility packages, Flares, Heaters and subsea equipment.

Electrical Engineering

We provide Electrical systems design for oil and gas company, EPCI in the oil and gas facilities for onshore, offshore and refineries.

Capabilities in the area of Electrical Design include:

  • Power Generation and Transmission

  • Power System Equipment

  • Substations and Electrical Distribution

  • Service Entrance, Load centers, And Grounding

  • Wire, Cable, and Circuit Components

  • Cabling Systems, Lighting, Emergency and Standby Systems

  • Branch Circuit Design and Device Wiring

  • Electric Motors and Starters

  • Electrical Surges and Surge Protection

Instrumentation and Control

Our capabilities in the area of Instrumentation design includes:

  • Process and control system automation

  • Field measurement devices

  • Final elements and actuators

  • Pressure relief and pressure regulation

  • P&IDs, loop and logic diagrams

  • Control system with emphasis on control loops, types, strategies, and loop tuning

  • Programmable logic controllers

  • Supervisory Control and Data Acquisition (SCADA) Systems

  • Distributed Control Systems (DCS)

  • Safety instrumented system (SIS)

  • Hazardous areas and equipment selection

Process Automation

  • Design and Engineering of ICSS platform

  • Programming of ICSS functionality

  • Visualization of ICSS system for operations

  • Design and engineering of cabinets

  • Design and engineering of Industrial IT systems

  • Engineering of the system architecture

  • Advice on the parts and systems to use

  • Provides test criteria for the hardware implementation

Subsea Engineering Services

We provide subsea engineering assistance to oil companies and EPC contractors, with particular focus on brownfield projects and life-of-field maintenance activities. Brownfield projects and life-of-field activities have in common to be generally executed on or near live production facilities.

  • Concept development and evaluation

  • Front End Engineering Design (FEED)

  • Detailed design and design for manufacture

  • Subsea riser integrity analysis and solutions

  • Subsea well intervention equipment

  • Life of field extension equipment

  • Wellhead integrity systems for new and existing wells

  • Technical assurance and independent verification and technical risk assurance processes

  • Subsea Tree valve reinstatement solutions and Subsea Well Capping and Containment Systems

  • Polymer Polyurethane (PU) Strakes for VIV (Vortex Induced vibration) suppression

  • Offshore engineering support (including technical authority) and technician support

Oilfield Subsea Engineering

  • Procedures for installation/retrieval, tie-in, commissioning, or inspection of XT

  • Well Jumpers, HFL/EFL, Control Modules, Choke Valves...

  • Procedures for pre-commissioning of Umbilical, Flowlines and Risers

  • Procedures for SPS equipment and ROV Tooling FAT and SIT

  • P&ID, PFD, hydraulic and electrical schematics

  • Hydraulic/Electrical Control System Studies (eg: for tie-in of in-fill wells)

  • Procedures for decommissioning of Umbilical, Flowlines and Risers

Mooring System Design

  • Mooring static, quasi-static and dynamic analysis

  • Parametric mooring analysis and optimisation

  • Shallow and deep-water mooring systems

  • Mooring integrity analysis

  • Foundation design and analysis

  • Anchor design and selection

  • Installation analysis and planning

  • Response based analysis of mooring systems

  • Weathervaning (heading analysis) of single point moored vessels

  • Fatigue analysis

  • Riser analysis

Civil Engineering

We provide civil design and engineering covering the following areas.

  • Jetty and Load Out Facilities Designs

  • Equipment foundation design

  • Pipe rack and Supports foundation design

  • Access roads and internal roads design

  • Covered warehouse and workshops foundation design

  • Overhead concrete tank design

  • Generator shed and security tower/ communication tower foundation design

  • Culvert design (reinforced concrete) and many others.

  • Installation studies and Lifting Aids Design

  • Detailed MTO and Weight Control Reports

  • Transportations Analysis and Sea Fastening Design & Calculations

  • Detailed Shop fabrication engineering and drawings

  • All structural engineering analysis are carried out in accordance with internationally recognized codes and standards.

Structural Engineering

  • Vessel hull design: global and detail structural design

  • Deck support design and analysis

  • Fatigue and life extension analysis (spectral fatigue analysis of hull girder)

  • Mooring equipment hull integration

  • Evaluation structural design in accordance with classification societal rules and regulations

Decommissioning Engineering

  • Design

  • Decommissioning Planning,

  • Engineering and PMT services.

  • Driverless subsea operations with and without ROV intervention.

  • We design, test, deliver and execute on site decommissioning activities utilizing bespoke tooling to reduce mobilization and on-site cost.

Floating System Capabilities

Fairtex partner with INCITIAS Australia for provision of Naval Architecture and Hydrodynamics

  • Hydrodynamic and diffraction analysis of fixed and floating bodies. Global motions analysis of ships and floating structures

  • Ship's motion analysis in multi-directional seas

  • Computational fluid dynamics (CFD)

  • Intact & damaged stability of vessels & floating structures

  • Non-linear, coupling and relative motion effects associated with coupling of vessels during cargo transfer and offshore loading

  • Ship's global longitudinal strength analysis

  • Requirement analysis and design impact statements

  • Compliance of vessels with international regulations and standards

  • Scale model testing support of fixed and floating offshore structures

  • Weight management

  • Development of design basis and specification for design or conversion

  • Operability analysis, loading and off-loading sequence

Engineering Services

Engineering Services

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