Valve Testing, Inspection & Maintenance Services

Fairtex provides on-site inspection, pressure and functional testing of a broad range of new and existing valves whether electrical, hydraulic or pneumatically powered. As well as the standard API and EN hydro-static and pneumatic testing, we provide the most advanced testing to meet the customer specifications required for both offshore and onshore facilities of the oil & gas industry.

Inspections, Testing & Certification

Timely expertise is vital during the critical stages of inspection, testing, calibration and certification. Fairtex offers thorough inspections and equipment tests that are geared to meet specific industry needs. We calibrate all types of equipment, including actuators and instrumentation, and certify all products according to current industry standards.

Installation & Commissioning

Fairtex through its certified personnel, provides installation and commissioning of valve equipment for plant performance. As a leading oil & gas service provider, we understand that safety is a delicate process. We recognize that the proper handling and installation of equipment is central to all operations to ensure that our customer’s equipment will always function as designed.


Fairtex provides valve maintenance and repair services, that helps clean the inner mechanisms and replace anything that is worn. Over time, mineralization, rust and corrosion that affect the valve stem, springs, coils, nuts and other metal parts. In addition, we also attend to valve plastic or rubber parts that may need repair or replacement, which may include:

  • Glands

  • Bushings

  • Gaskets

  • Packing

  • O-rings

Parts & Replacement Management

Fairtex through its OEM partners provides a full range of valve replacement parts. In order to ensure optimum capabilities, Fairtex utilizes use-case insights to determine the most appropriate spare part assortments and offers a monitoring program to oversee consumption experience and data to drive procurement volumes.

Valve Testing, Inspection & Maintenance Services

Valve Testing, Inspection & Maintenance Services

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