Supply of CALM Bouy Spare

CALM Bouy Spare

Fairtex supplies CALM Bouy spare parts to the oil & gas, marine and other offshore applications.

  • Hawser

  • Hawser Flotation Jacket

  • Chafe Chain

  • Support Bouy

  • Chain for Support Bouy

  • Cams for Cam-Lock Spool

  • Studded Cam-Lock Coupling

  • Seals for Cam-Lock Coupling CONFEZIONE DA

  • Spool-Piece

  • Butterfly Valve

  • Flotation COllar

  • First Off Bouy Hose

  • Main Line Hose

  • Tail Hose

  • Tanker Rail Hose

  • Single Carcass Hose

  • Float Hose Carcass Repair Kit

  • Flange Hose Casket

  • Spiral Stainless Steel Casket

  • Bolting C/W Nuts & RF / FF Flange

  • Grease for CALM Bouy System

  • Winker Light for Floating Hose

  • Battery Pack for Winker Light

  • Access Manhole Cover Seal

  • Main Bearing Seal

  • Fluid Swivel Bearing Seals

  • Cathodic Protection of CALM Bouy

  • CALM Bouy Expansion Joint

  • CALM Bouy Marine Paint

  • Pneumatic Pump for Hose's Hydraulic Test

  • Blind Flanges for Towing & Installation

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