Supply of Cameron Chokes & Valves

Cameron Chokes & Valves

Fairtex Integrated Services Ltd supplies Cameron chokes and valves to the oil and gas, petrochemical and the refining industries in Nigeria.



  • Cameron * H2 Style Adjustable and Positive Choke

  • Cameron* Style Hydraulic Drilling Choke

Gate Valves

  • FC Style Manual Gate Valve

  • FC Style Hydraulic Gate Valve

  • FLS Style Manual Gate Valve

  • FLS Style Hydraulic Gate Valve

Check Valves

  • R Type Check Valve

  • MS Type Check Valve

Pressure Valves

  • Cameron ‘H’ Type Back Pressure Valve

Control Panels
Wellhead Equipment
BOP Control Units


Cameron Chokes & Valves_Manifolds


Cameron Chokes & Valves_Chokes

BOP Control Systems

Cameron Chokes & Valves_BOP Control Systems

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