Supply of Chemical Injection Skid

Chemical Injection Skid

Fairtex global procurement division supply chemical injections skids used for injecting chemicals into an oil or gas stream to keep a well or chemical system up and running.


  • Electrically driven injection skid

  • Foam injection skid

  • Pneumatic driven injection skid

  • Multipoint Injection Skid

  • Multi-Compartmental injection skid

  • Mobile Skid

  • Odorization System

  • Multi-Head Pump Injection Skid

  • Multi-Compartmental injection skid

Multi-Head Pump Chemical Injection Skids

Chemical Injection Skid_Multi-Head Pump Chemical Injection Skids

The pump employs a single drive mechanism coupled in parallel with multiple pumping chambers, each capable of handling different types of chemicals. Instead of using several pumps for pumping different chemicals, one single pump with number of heads can be used.

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