Supply of ESP Pumps & Accessories

ESP Pumps & Accessories

Tianjin RongHeng Group LLC, the largest manufacturer of ESP pumps in the world, that manufactures and supply many parts and complete set of equipment to many ESP service companies such as GE/Baker, Schlumberger, Dover, Boret etc.

Tianjin RongHeng Group has appointed Fairtex Integrated Services Ltd as its agent in Nigeria to promote and supply ESP pump products to the oil & gas, petrochemical, refinery and other industries in Nigeria


  • Electric Petroleum-submersed Pumps

  • Electric Petroleum-submersed Motors

  • Boost Water Injection Pumps

  • Double Screw Pumps

  • Single Screw Pumps

  • Reciprocal Plunger Pumps

  • Impeller and Diffuser

Submersible Pump

ESP Pumps & Accessories_Submersible Pump

Water Injection Pump

ESP Pumps & Accessories_Water Injection Pump

Gas Separator

ESP Pumps & Accessories_Gas Separator

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