Supply of GRE Pipes & Fitting

GRE Pipes & Fitting

Novafast a leading manufacturer of composite pipes, epoxy based treatments, waterproof chemicals, membranes to joint and grouts, coatings and related products in Australia has appointed Fairtex Integrated Services as its agent in Nigeria to promote and supply its composite pipes (GRE/GRP) to the upstream, downstream of the oil & gas, petrochemical and refinery sector.


  • Glass-fibre Reinforced Plastic (GRP) - (NovaFlo™ 500, NovaFlo™ 1000 & NovaFlo™ 2000)

  • GRE Bore Casings and Tubing

  • Spoolable Pipe

  • Pipe Lining, Repairs and Refurbishment

  • NovaVessel™

  • MMF Filters

  • Pressure Vessels

  • Water Treatment Filters

  • Foul Air Scrubbers

  • Storage Tanks


GRE Pipes & Fitting_NovaFlow


GRE Pipes & Fitting_NovaVessel™

NovaVessel™ is a combination of fibres and resin systems resulting in superior resistance to impact damage and for extra protection against corrosion


GRE Pipes & Fitting_NovaWrap™

NovaWrap is suitable for use as a protective and structural coating as is or as a laminating resin for glass fibre, and as a flooring compound where aggressive chemicals are present.

NovaLine™ Spoolable Pipe

GRE Pipes & Fitting_NovaLine™ Spoolable Pipe

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