Supply of Wozair HVAC Systems

Wozair HVAC Systems

Wozair is a global manufacturer of HVAC equipment. With a broad product range, and capable of meeting customer requirements in a wide range of sectors and environments.

Wozair appoints Fairtex Integrated Services Ltd as an authorized representative in Nigeria to provide requirement for HVAC installation, replacement / refurbishing job for upstream, downstream of the oil & gas, petrochemical and refinery sector.

Wozair Group factories have been opened in Singapore, Malaysia, Houston and South Korea to go with its primary manufacturing base in the UK.


  • Air Handling Units

  • Air Terminal Devices

  • Blast Dampers

  • Control Dampers

  • Filtration Solutions

  • Fire Dampers

  • Isolation Dampers

  • Refrigeration

  • Water Removal

Fire Gas Damper (FGD)

Wozair HVAC Systems_Fire Gas Damper (FGD)

Pressure Relief Damper (PRD)

Wozair HVAC Systems_Pressure Relief Damper (PRD)

Air Handling Units (AHU)

Wozair HVAC Systems_Air Handling Units (AHU)

Woz X Separators

Wozair HVAC Systems_Woz X Separators

Air Terminal Devices

Wozair HVAC Systems_Air Terminal Devices

Intake Louvres

Wozair HVAC Systems_Intake Louvres

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