Supply of Klinger Gaskets

Klinger Gaskets

Fairtex global procurement division has the capacity to source and supply gaskets from the OEMs listed below


Flat Gaskets

  • Asbestos Free Gaskets

  • PTFE Gaskets

  • Graphite Gaskets

  • Rubber Gaskets

  • Eyelid gaskets

Spiral Wound

  • Spiral Wound Gaskets

  • Coated Spiral Wound Gaskets

  • Spiralit SW FS

Metal Jacketed Gaskets

  • 3-PLY Metal Jacketed Gaskets

  • ISOTOR Gaskets (DIN 7603 form c)

  • Spiralit SW FS

Metallic Gaskets

  • Ring Joint Gaskets

  • Lens Gasket

  • Welding Ring Gaskets

  • Calibrated Shims

Flange Insulation Kit (FLINK)

  • Flange Insulation Kit - Type E

  • Flange Insulation Kit - Type F

  • Flange Insulation Kit - Type D

  • Flange Insulation Kit - TypeType S

  • Flange Insulation Kit - Type FS

Seal Rings

  • O-Ring V-Ring

  • Gard oil

  • Carbon-Graphite Parts


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Klinger Gaskets_...

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