Supply of Oil & Marine Hose

Oil & Marine Hose

Fairtex global procurement division has been appointed as the official distributor of Trelleborg oil & marine hoses, industrial hoses and marine fenders to the oil and gas, marine, refinery, petrochemical industries in Nigeria.

We supply Trelleborg hoses with both nipple and nippleless technologies, including single, double and dual carcass designs. Trelleborg products are applicable for use in submarine, floating or other specific configurations, and are suitable for use in even the harshest of environments. Trelleborg Hoses are qualified in accordance with GMPHOM 2009.


  • First Off Bouy Hose

  • Tanker Rail Hose

  • Single Carcass Hose

  • Main Line Hose

  • Tail Hose

Spare Parts & Accessories

  • Cams for Cam-lock Spool

  • Hawser

  • Studded Cam-lock Coupling

  • Seals for Cam-Lock Coupling

  • Spool-Piece

  • Butterfly Valve

  • Hose Carcass Repair Kits

  • Hose Gasket

  • Spiral Stainless Steel Gasket

  • Bulb for Winker Lights


  • Oil

  • Gas

  • Chemical

  • Water Hoses

Cryoline LPG

Oil & Marine Hose_Cryoline LPG

Sealine Floating Hose

Oil & Marine Hose_Sealine Floating Hose


Oil & Marine Hose_...


Oil & Marine Hose_...

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