Supply of Marine Hose Equipment & Accessories

Fairtex supplies marine hose equipment and accessories to the marine and oil and gas industries.

Trelleborg has appointed Fairtex integrated Services Ltd as an exclusive agent in Nigeria to supply fluid transfer hoses and accessories for crude oil, chemicals, and LPG/LNG for upstream, downstream of the oil & gas, petrochemical and refinery sector.


  • Buoys and Floating Reducers

  • Chains

  • Flanges

  • Heavy Duty Camlock Flange

  • Marine Hose Butterfly Valve

  • Mini Container

  • OCIMF Marine Hose Test Equipment

  • Repair Kits

  • Spool Pieces

  • Spreader Beams

  • Winker Lights

Buoys and Floating Reducers

Marine Hose Equipment & Accessories_Buoys and Floating Reducers

Fairtex supplies a range of Buoys for use on OCIMF Marine Hose systems including:

  • Pick-Up Buoys

  • Chafe Chain Support Buoys

  • Mooring Buoys


Marine Hose Equipment & Accessories_Flanges

Fairtex supplies a range of flanges for use on OCIMF marine hose:

  • Towing Flange

  • Lightweight Blind Flange

  • Pressure Test Blind Flange

  • Burst Test Flange

  • Vacuum Flange

Spool Pieces

Marine Hose Equipment & Accessories_Spool Pieces

Fairtex supplies the following Spool Pieces:

  • Rail Hose OCIMF Chain Spools

  • OCIMF Tanker Manifold Reducers

  • First-Off-The-Buoy Installation Spools

  • Floating Concentric Spool Pieces

  • Floating Y-Piece Reducers

  • CALM Buoy J-Tubes

Marine Hose Butterfly Valve

Marine Hose Equipment & Accessories_Marine Hose Butterfly Valve

Fairtex supplies marine hose butterfly valves, specially designed for the harsh conditions experienced offshore and also designed exclusively for OCIMF marine hose use.

Heavy Duty Camlock Flange

Marine Hose Equipment & Accessories_Heavy Duty Camlock Flange

Fairtex supplies heavy duty camlock flanges specially designed for the harsh conditions experienced offshore. Available in studded and spool types to suit all rail hose end gear configurations., and are compatible with all types of OCIMF marine hose.


Marine Hose Equipment & Accessories_Chains

Fairtex supplies marine hose chain assemblies suitable for use on OCIMF 1991 and GMPHOM 2009 hoses. Our range includes:

  • Pick-Up Chain

  • Snubbing Chain

  • Auxiliary Chain

  • Pelican Hooks

Winker Lights

Marine Hose Equipment & Accessories_Winker Lights

Fairtex supplies Winker lights for use on OCIMF Marine Hose systems, used for navigational aid for the marking of the floating hose strings in dark hours.

Repair Kits

Marine Hose Equipment & Accessories_Repair Kits

Fairtex supplies repair kits for floating and sub-sea hoses.

We are providing good & on time services to our valuable customers.