Supply of Marit Chains & Accessories

Marit Chains & Accessories

Marit has appointed Fairtex as its agent in Nigeria for the supply of offshore mooring Chains (Stud Link and Studless in grade NVR3, R3S, R4 and R5), Mooring and Chafe Chains assemblies, for the mooring hawsers, in grade 3, ORQ, R3 and R4 as per 1988, 1993, 2017 OCIMF recommendations.

Fairtex range of chains is complimented by high integrity, LTM D shackles and offshore connectors, that enables the chains to be used for a completely integrated mooring system for CALM buoys, FPSOs, MODUs and other offshore applications.

Fairtex supply the following:

  • Offshore Mooring Chains

  • Stoppers

  • Risers Chains

  • Snubbing Chains

  • Pick up and Hang-off Chains

  • SPM Chafe Chains

  • Open Link Chains

  • Mooring & Chafe Chain Assemblies

  • Special Shackles and Triangular Plate

We are providing good & on time services to our valuable customers.