Supply of Subsea Pipeline System & Equipment

Subsea Pipeline System & Equipment

Fairtex global procurement division has enter into an MoA with Oil States Industries Inc., for the supply of floating production products for deep waters, to the oil and gas, marine & petrochemical industries in Nigeria.

Deep Water Products

  • Diverless Repair Clamp (DRC)

  • SureLock Diverless End Connector (SLC)

  • Deep Water Pipeline Repair System

  • Pipeline Recovery System

  • Collet Connector Systems

  • Multi-Segment Clamp Connectors

  • Diverless Repair Clamp (DRC)

  • Emergency Shut Down Valve (ESDV) Skids

  • In-line Tee (ILT) Skids

  • Specialty Welding

Shallow Water Products

  • GripLock Connector

  • FlangeMate Misalignment Connector

  • Swivel Ring Flange

  • Leak Repair Clamp (LRC)

  • QualiTee Hot-Tap Clamp

SureLock Diverless End Connector (SLC)

Subsea Pipeline System & Equipment_SureLock Diverless End Connector (SLC)

GripLock Connector

Subsea Pipeline System & Equipment_GripLock Connector

Diverless Repair Clamp

Subsea Pipeline System & Equipment_Diverless Repair Clamp

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