Supply of Umbilical Cables

umbilical cables

Fairtex global procurement division supply umbilical cables suitable for sub-sea applications, including deep water, work-over, intervention, and maintenance. These umbilical cables provide varied services including hydraulic, electrical, optical, or pneumatic.


  • WOCS and Intervention umbilicals

  • Buoy to PLEM umbilicals

  • SSIV (Subsea Isolation Valve) umbilicals

  • PCU (Production Control Umbilicals)

  • In-field Jumper umbilicals

  • Hydraulic / Electrical flying leads

  • Topside Jumper Umbilicals

  • Misc. Oil & Gas Umbilicals

  • Welding/Burning and Tooling Umbilicals

  • Airgun Umbilicals & Deck Cables

  • Umbilical hoses

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