Pad Eye Testing Services

Every Pad Eye and Lifting point can become a potential risk in a load movement operation: For this reason Fairtex has developed a tool called Pad eye tester to apply load on Pad Eyes as part of the maintenance, inspection and certification programs for our clients.

Fairtex strongly recommends that certification procedures for lifting Pad Eyes be enforced. NDT inspection is also very important in order to evaluate whether the equipment is fit for use.

Fairtex Pad Eye Tester is a light and portable device for load testing pad eyes and eye bolts. This product can be mounted in any surface plate/beam. The height can be regulated with an adjustable threaded rod. Hydraulic high pressure hoses nozzle equipped with quick coupling can be detached from the load carrying body if required. Our pad eye tester, tests from 5T and above pad eyes and eye bolts.

Pad eye testing services

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