Subsea Inspection & Survey

Fairtex Nigeria Ltd provides Subsea Inspection and subsea survey services to the offshore and marine industries.

Subsea Inspection Services Covers:

  • Subsea Flaw Detector

  • Subsea Ultrasonic Flaw Detector

  • Subsea Eddy Current

  • Subsea MPI

  • Subsea Thickness Gauging

  • Subsea Corrosion Monitoring

  • Subsea Flooded Member Detection

  • Subsea Leak Detection

Subsea Inspection & Survey

Subsea Survey Services Covers:

  • Cathodic Protection for Pipelines, Platforms & Risers

  • Anode Inspection

  • Structural Damage Survey & Inspection

  • Risers Survey

  • Inspection of NOPU Leads Using ACFM

  • C.P Verification of Subsea Pipelines

Subsea Survey Services Covers:

ROV Services And Underwater Inspection

Fairtex Integrated Services Ltd provides ROV services, underwater inspection, diving and maintenance services to the offshore and marine facilities of the oil & gas sector. Fairtex partners with Petrodive Subsea Works for provision of underwater and diving services.

Fairtex operates a fleet of electric powered ROV systems for a wide range of applications. The ROV systems can be deployed to a client supplied vessel, platform or rig. All our ROV systems are containerized allowing rapid mobilization onto any vessel or

Our range of observation, inspection and light work class ROV vehicles have a depth range from shallow water to 1,500m.

We perform subsea inspections and observations of the seabed and subsea assets and utilize the ROVs skid to mount additional manipulators for debris removal. Additionally, multi-beam echo sounders, side scan sonars, sub bottom profilers and magnetic profiling systems can be mobilized and interfaced to the ROV for seabed charting.

Fairtex’s deliverable are tailored to meet a client’s specific requirements.

Our Services Covers

  • Structural Inspection and Repairs.

  • Inspection of Marine Equipment & Certification.

  • Anode Replacement and Installation.

  • Mooring Chains Inspection & Mooring System Cleaning Services.

  • Underwater Welding and Cutting Services

  • Underwater Inspections & NDT Services

  • Installation of Cathodic Protections

  • Remotely Operated Vehicle (ROV) Surveys & Inspection.

  • SPM Buoy Inspections and Maintenance

  • Propeller Repairs & Maintenance on vessels.

  • Hull Cleaning.

  • Tank Inspection

  • Hull Thickness Gauging

  • Subsea Valve Inspection

  • Drilling Rig Support

  • Diver Assistance

  • Sea Bed Inspection & Survey

ROV Services And Underwater Inspection

Diving Services

Fairtex provides offshore maintenance and diving services. We partner with CDC Commercial Diving Contractor and Petrodive Subsea Works to operates at depths of up to 300 metres to inspect and carry out maintainance in offshore facilities.

We adopted three types of diving spread depending on the depth at which we are working. Our professional team of underwater divers and engineers has the required expertise and certification to perform underwater services at a depth of up to 300 metres.

  • Air System Down to 50 Metres

  • Mixed Gas System Down to 70 Metres

  • Saturation System Down to 300 Metres

Our Diving Activities

  • Maintenance of SBM/SPM & PLEM

  • Maintenance & repairs of Risers

  • Anode Installation & Replacement

  • General Visual Inspection(GVI) of Rigs & Offshore Structures

  • High Pressure Water Jetting for removal of marine growths.

  • Hull Cleaning

  • Underwater Cutting & Welding Of Sacrificial Zinc Anodes

  • Inspection and Installation Of Pipeline

  • Submarine Hose Inspection & Repairs

Diving Services

Subsea Inspection & Survey

Fairtex Integrated Services Ltd provides Subsea Inspection and subsea survey services to the offshore and marine industries.

Our Subsea Survey & Inspection Services Covers:

  • Subsea Flaw Detector

  • Subsea Ultrasonic Flaw Detector

  • Subsea Eddy Current

  • Subsea MPI

  • Subsea Thickness Gauging

  • Subsea Corrosion Monitoring

  • Subsea Flooded Member Detection

  • Subsea Leak Detection

Our Subsea Survey Services Covers:

  • Cathodic Protection for Pipelines, Platforms & Risers

  • Anode Inspection

  • Structural Damage Survey & Inspection

  • Risers Survey

  • Inspection of NOPU Leads Using ACFM

  • C.P Verification of Subsea Pipelines

Subsea Inspection & Survey

Mooring Chain Installation, Re-certification And Testing Services

Fairtex Integrated Services Ltd provides mooring chain design, installation services, maintenance and repairs which includes, chain re-certification, testing and upgrades of heavy-duty mooring chain systems. Fairtex through its agency representative with Marit Chain provides expert personnel that uses the most advanced and reliable equipment in the marketplace while also ensuring secure installation and accurate positioning without excessive twist, and avoiding the risk of knots.

We also offer combined underwater inspection, repair and maintenance services for a variety of mooring chain systems. Our services includes:


  • Complete system laying and recovery services

  • Installation of new components or system sections

  • Recovery of swamped moorings


  • Complete system changes or re-configurations

  • Mooring system inspection and survey

  • Component refurbishment and servicing

Re-Certification and Testing

Fairtex Integrated Services has the required expertise to inspect, certify and re-certify mooring chains and related components such as connecting links and wire rope for mobile offshore units, including water blasting of chain, visual inspections, measurements and mechanical and non-destructive testing.

Fairtex has qualified and certified inspectors as well as written procedures for training, performance, application, control, verification and reporting

Mooring Chain Installation, Re-certification And Testing Services

Marine Fender & Bollards Installation, Testing & Repair Services

Fairtex Integrated Services provides marine fenders & bollards installation, maintenance, repair, testing and certification services through our agency representative with Trelleborg Marine Systems and CDC Commercial Diving Contractor. Fairtex has expertise in installation of fenders at oil jetties, cargo ports, terminals and berthing. Our fender installation services ensures smooth collision-free sailing with minimal shock during berthing. Our services ensures that the right fenders are installed as per site conditions, berthing angles and other parameters.

Fairtex turnkey services begins with the fender’s design and ends with the installation at the port of destination. This “full process control” ensures strict compliance with international standards for design, manufacturing and testing (British Standard, ASTM, PIANC). Our marine fender Installation services covers.

  • Rubber Fenders

  • Foam Fenders

  • Pneumatic Fenders

  • Tug Fenders

  • All Fenders Assessories

Bollard Testing & Certification

Fairtex provides bollard testing by pull testing each bollard, either to client specified load capacity and angle, or to 10% above its manufacturers/suppliers rated capacity.

Marine Fender & Bollards Installation, Testing & Repair Services

Marine Fender & Bollards Installation, Testing & Repair Services

Boat Landing And Installation

Fairtex provide EPC solutions across the oil and gas industry for green and brown field projects on boat landing and FPSO fenders including repair and maintenance.

We undertake construction and installation of offshore platform and FPSO structures in case of replacements of Bumper, Shock Cells, Shear Fenders, Boat Landing fenders, and FPSO fenders.

Our Product and Services Covered the Following:

  • Fabrication of Boat Landing & Repair

  • Supply of Boat Landing Fender & Installation

  • Supply of FPSO Fender & Installation

  • Supply & Installation of Barge Bumper Assembly

Boat Landing And Installation

Marine Civil Construction Services

Fairtex provides marine civil construction services through its partnership with CDC Commercial Diving Contractor who is always committed to maintaining high health and safety standards on any site & can undertake any civil project with commitment & problem solving by providing simple but practical solutions. CDC has gained vast civil experience over the years and prides itself in completing a project efficiently while doing as little harm to the environment as possible.

Our Services Covers

  • In-water Port construction, repairs & maintenance

  • Underwater welding and cutting (Hydraulic/Broco)

  • Complete slipway builds & maintenance

  • Life extension of assets by means of cathodic protection

  • Sheet piling repairs and quay wall repairs

  • Quayside rehabilitation

  • Underwater concrete casting and shutter board assembly

  • Hydraulic fender installations

  • Quay wall inspections and repairs

  • Underwater structural inspections

Marine Civil Construction Services

UWILDs Inspection

Fairtex Integrated Services Ltd provides UnderWater Inspections in Lieu of Drydocking (UWILDs) required to ensure the structural and operational integrity of offshore / marine assets.

Fairtex has the technical expertise and certifications in-line with American Bureau of Shipping (ABS), Det Norske Veritas (DNV-GL), Bureau Veritas (BV) and Lloyds Register (LR) guidelines to provide UWILD inspection programmes for safeguarding the structural integrity of critical marine structures in the Oil & Gas industry.

Fairtex provides UWILD inspection surveys in-situ with divers or with remotely operated vehicle (ROV)-deployed in a technique that reduces downtime and eliminates the need for expensive and limited drydock space.

UWILDs Inspection

Subsea Pipeline Inspection

Fairtex Integrated Services Ltd provides subsea pipeline inspection services for the inspection of unpiggable pipes, through the use of Acoustic Resonance Technology (ART), that penetrates and inspects through thick subsea coating with lightweight and high-precision 3-axis scanning that produces high accuracy wall thickness measurements and corrosion mapping of subsea pipelines.

Fairtex techniques enables subsea pipeline inspection via ROV without the need for field joint coating removal. This greatly reduces integrity risk and the cost of expensive inspection.

Subsea Pipeline Inspection

Subsea Structure Inspection

Fairtex provides subsea structure inspection through the use of remotely deployed robotics, that performs the tasks in hazardous environments where divers are excluded.

Fairtex expert teams uses ROVs to either inspect – or deploy robotic subsystems to inspect – the integrity of structure welds, pipelines, and other deepwater equipment.

Fairtex through its subsea structure inspection services provides the data needed to correctly and efficiently manage and perform damage assessment on subsea assets, such as:

  • Risers

  • Caissons

  • Conductors

  • Guide frames

  • Pipeline inspection

  • Spools

  • Piles

  • Well heads

  • Mid-water arches

  • Spud cans

  • Subsea storage tanks

Subsea Structure Inspection

(SURF) Subsea Subsea Umbilical Risers And Flowlines Installation & Operation

Fairtex provide subsea solutions such as subsea umbilicals, risers and flowlines (surf). we provide tie-back solutions between new wellhead locations and existing processing facilities. this is a turnkey solution from concept to detailed design, procurement, and through installation and commissioning.

Our engineering and project management resource works with our client’s and will select the optimum solution for any subsea-tieback project.

Our SURF Solutions

  • Engineering, design and procurement of flowlines, umbilicals, risers and associated accessories

  • Installation engineering

  • Installation of flowlines, risers and umbilicals

  • Installation of manifolds, jumpers and spools

  • Trenching and alternative protection methods including rock dumping

Our capability extends to design services for structural repair and riser routing, modification, configuration and installation studies, supporting projects through the fabrication and installation phases. In addition to our core structural and piping design service, we also provide tender and fabrication assistance with both installation and decommissioning studies.

We are at the forefront of subsea technology, establishing new industry standards, writing SURF industry guidelines, authoring the latest riser software and leading technology development.

Flexible Pipe Experience

IMPULSE GROUP provide technical support and has experience covered a wide variety of subjects from early FEED analysis through to manufacture, installation, and integrity management. We offer a dedicated flexible pipe design and integrity service with ongoing operations globally with significant engineering and support resource to client

Our Installation Ability Covers The Following

○ Layability analysis of rigid flowlines and sealines (J-lay, S-lay)
○ Installability analysis of flexible flowlines, risers and umbilicals with estimation of installation loads in the various scenarios/phases, among which:

  • Initiation from the FPSO.

  • Pulling head over boarding and lowering to depth.

  • Connecting risers/umbilicals to FPSO pull-in winch.

  • Pulling-in up to the Hang-Off point connection.

  • Buoyancy Section installation if any

  • Lay away towards the subsea structures and Lay-Down of the End Connector (riser) / UTA (umbilical).

○ Static and dynamic installation analysis of rigid pipelines, including:

  • Start-up and laydown

  • Shore pull

  • Normal laying

  • Contingency scenarios (dry and wet buckle)

○ Above Water Tie-In analysis
○ Pulling heads design (Start-up, abandonment and contingency heads)
○ Lifting analysis of expansion loops, spools, jumpers, risers, supports & structures
○ Transportation Analysis
○ Pipe stacking
○ Sea fastening
○ Installation vessel mooring analysis
○ Subsea structures deployment
○ Wet storage study and layout

All the engineering analyses are integrated by:

  • Technical Specifications

  • Method statements

  • Installation manuals

  • Onshore yard layout optimization

  • Offshore System Integration and ROV ability check study

  • Drawings

  • Documents for tender assignments.

(SURF) Subsea Subsea Umbilical Risers And Flowlines Installation & Operation

Field Engineering Advice

Fairtex provides experienced field engineering personnel with expert knowledge of marine hose systems and their operation and maintenance and provide guidance for the following:

  • Storage

  • Onshore Handling

  • Assembly

  • Towing

  • Hook-up / Installation

  • Commissioning

  • Offshore Handling

  • Flushing

  • Inspection

  • Testing

  • Refurbishment

  • Repair

Fairtex Marine Hose Specialists are fully trained in mechanical joint integrity and are available to support you in the field for the following activities:

  • Review procedures

  • Suggest methods, tools and equipment suitable for any given task

  • Provide advice related to flush volume, pressure, flow rate, dispersant dosing and sampling to ensure the product is safely pushed out before breaking containment.

  • Supervise to ensure hoses are handled correctly during assembly on a dock-side, slipway, beach or on the deck of a boat or barge

  • Supervise bolted flange integrity e.g. check torque values/sequence, flange alignment, bolt material/coating, gasket type/condition, etc.

  • Witness post-assembly leak and post-installation commissioning tests.

  • Check subsea string configurations and sign off

  • Inspect, witness testing and perform repairs

Field Engineering Advice

Field Engineering Advice

Marine Hose External And Internal Visual Inspection By ROV And Borescope

Fairtex has the required expertise and equipment to perform in-situ visual inspections by ROV and Borescope of the bore of the hoses after the strings have been suitably seawater flushed or Nitrogen purged.

Fairtex ROV and Push-Rod Visual Inspection Services Enable You To:-

  • Monitor the internal condition of floating, reel, chute and catenary hoses.

  • Monitor the internal condition for signs of nipple corrosion, liner damage and carcass kinking.

  • Monitor the external condition in seas of up to 1m swell and 1 knot current.

  • Identify damage/deterioration anomalies before failure.

  • Reduce unexpected failure by periodically inspecting OCIMF marine hoses in-situ.

  • Reduce health and safety risks by reducing visual inspections by diver.

  • Reduce periodic inspection cost compared to hose string breakdown for deck/onshore inspection.

Fairtex Inspection Services targets to get full and detailed information about the following conditions:

  • Liner damage

  • Nipple corrosion

  • Kinking

  • Impact damage

  • Abrasion

  • Buoyancy configuration

  • Bead float security or damage

  • Leak detection system activation

  • Loose bolts

  • Early signs of deterioration

  • Excessive marine growth

Marine Hose External And Internal Visual Inspection By ROV And Borescope

Marine Hose External And Internal Visual Inspection By ROV And Borescope

Marine Hose Service Life Estimation

Fairtex provides inner liner rubber material testing for hoses to verify the aging rates while in service at your terminal. This would complement any burst test data you obtain at site and help corroborate other residual service life estimates.

To further optimise asset life we can recommend improvements to long term storage, handling, refurbishment and repair.

Fairtex through this services provides an impartial service life estimate, independent of the manufacturer and not influenced by the incentive of future marine hose demand.

Service Life Risk Assessment

Fairtex also provides service life risk assessment for clients' who wish to extend the service life of their marine hoses in service, we can perform a detailed risk assessment to highlight the potential risks associated with the proposed life extension.

Fairtex Service Life Risk Assessment Helps to Address the Following

  • Identify failure modes & develop them into a set of representative risk scenarios.

  • Identify root causes, current risk control measures and suggest additional controls.

  • Examine the consequences of each scenario.

  • Estimate the probability of each failure mode.

  • Highlight the potential risks associated with the proposed life extension.

  • Identify and assess any risk reduction measures and discuss practicalities.

  • Recommend whether to extend the service life or not.

Marine Hose Service Life Estimation

We are providing good & on time services to our valuable clients.