Scaffolding Services

Fairtex provides the safest and professional commercial scaffolding services to oil & gas, petrochemical, refinery, marine and other commercial industries.

As the leading scaffolding service provider to the oil & gas industry, we offer scaffolding services of the following types:

  • Tower Scaffolds

  • Access Scaffolds

  • Independent Scaffolds

  • Staircase Scaffolds

  • Suspended Scaffolds

  • Mobile Scaffolds

  • Guardrails

  • Custom designed scaffolds

Scaffolding Services

Safe Welding Habitat Services

Fairtex owns safe welding habitat systems ready for deployment for safe hot work on production facilities to protect people working in hazardous environments including offshore and onshore oil and gas production facilities, chemical processing plants, refineries, utilities, marine and water treatment.


Welding Habitat System is designed to allow naked flame or hot work activity such as welding, grinding, cutting, to be carried out without the need for a plant/production shutdown.

Main Objectives

Pressurization – Breathable air is constantly supplied into the Welding Habitat System to prevent the ingress of explosive gases or vapors which are often present at offshore platform / oil and gas plants.

Containment – Welding Habitat System enclosure is arrange to prevent welding slag and welding/grinding sparks from escaping to the possible explosive environment.

Standard Practice

Welding Habitat Systems are often associated with the offshore oil and gas industry because there is likely the presence of explosive gases or vapors.
The expansion of safety awareness leads the usage of Welding Habitat System to onshore oil and gas industry, power plants and any work plant where flammable/explosive gases or vapors is very likely to present.

Site Survey

Fairtex Integrated Services Ltd in preparation of habitat deployment, will conduct a site survey for your project to develop a detailed understanding of the scope and its associated risks and controls. This enables our team to add real value by proactively formulating the best approach to any specific application, ensuring our solution keeps the work force safe under normal operating and production conditions.

We offer two levels of site survey:


  • Basic specification of project requirements

  • Habitat requirements

  • Manpower requirements

  • Step by step description of how to carry out works

  • General design information

  • Ventilation and power supply requirements

  • Basic lighting, fire protection, escape route requirements

  • Generic habitat 3D model drawings based on information provided

  • Generic scaffold requirements

  • Relevant QMS documentation


  • Full project site survey

  • Habitat survey

  • HSE requirements

  • Manpower requirements

  • Specific outputs from meetings with operations, scaffolding team and other stakeholders on site

  • Exact requirements for power, escape routes, fire protection
    Escape plans (where required)

  • Scaffold plans and drawings

  • A detailed communications plan

Safe Welding Habitat Services

Oilfield & Mechanical Services

Fairtex Integrated Services Ltd provides oilfield, mechanical works and services to the offshore and onshore facilities of the oil & gas industries.

Our services covers:

  • Hydraulic Bolt Tightening Services

  • Hydraulic Bolt Tensioning Services

  • Hot Bolting Services

  • Cold Cutting Services

  • Hot Tapping Services

Hydraulic Bolt Tightening Services

Fairtex Hydraulic Bolt Tensioning Services offer the quickest, safest, most accurate means of applying a specified residual load to stud bolts, providing the uniform gasket compression essential for the integrity of critically bolted connections in a wide variety of top-side applications such as:

  • Pipeline flanges

  • Heat Exchangers

  • Pressure vessels

  • Compressor covers

  • Boiler feed pumps

  • Anchor bolts

Hot Bolting Services

Fairtex provides Hot Bolting services as a safe and accurate method of replacing worn out or corroded studs and nuts, while eliminating the need for Operations shut down.

Cold Cutting Services

Fairtex in a bid to eliminating the need for hazardous flame cutting, provides cold cutting services to enables operators meet all potential safety requirements, both onshore and offshore.

Cold Cutting Services

Fairtex provides Hot-Tapping Services in preparation for plugging machine operations without the need to shutdown

Oilfield & Mechanical Services

Valve Testing, Inspection & Maintenance Services

Fairtex provides on-site inspection, pressure and functional testing of a broad range of new and existing valves whether electrical, hydraulic or pneumatically powered. As well as the standard API and EN hydro-static and pneumatic testing, we provide the most advanced testing to meet the customer specifications required for both offshore and onshore facilities of the oil & gas industry.

Inspections, Testing & Certification

Timely expertise is vital during the critical stages of inspection, testing, calibration and certification. Fairtex offers thorough inspections and equipment tests that are geared to meet specific industry needs. We calibrate all types of equipment, including actuators and instrumentation, and certify all products according to current industry standards.

Installation & Commissioning

Fairtex through its certified personnel, provides installation and commissioning of valve equipment for plant performance. As a leading oil & gas service provider, we understand that safety is a delicate process. We recognize that the proper handling and installation of equipment is central to all operations to ensure that our customer’s equipment will always function as designed.


Fairtex provides valve maintenance and repair services, that helps clean the inner mechanisms and replace anything that is worn. Over time, mineralization, rust and corrosion that affect the valve stem, springs, coils, nuts and other metal parts. In addition, we also attend to valve plastic or rubber parts that may need repair or replacement, which may include:

  • Glands

  • Bushings

  • Gaskets

  • Packing

  • O-rings

Parts & Replacement Management

Fairtex through its OEM partners provides a full range of valve replacement parts. In order to ensure optimum capabilities, Fairtex utilizes use-case insights to determine the most appropriate spare part assortments and offers a monitoring program to oversee consumption experience and data to drive procurement volumes.

Valve Testing, Inspection & Maintenance Services

Valve Testing, Inspection & Maintenance Services

Cathodic Protection Monitoring

Fairtex provides Cathodic Protection Services to the offshore and onshore facilities of the oil and gas for protection used to prevent corrosion on buried or submerged metallic structures such as pipelines, storage tanks, offshore structures and subsea modules.

Fairtex has the capability to provide full cathodic protection equipment and materials for your project needs. Our C.P. services are inline with client and international standards. We design & install cathodic protection systems, equipment and materials provided, include field surveys, engineering designs, material specifications, equipment and materials, installation, construction inspection and system commissioning.


Fairtex provides cathodic protection engineering services which covers but not limited to:

  • Cathodic Protection Design

  • Economic Feasibility Studies & Budget Estimates

  • Current Requirement Testing

  • Pipe & Cable Locating

  • Electrical Short Locating

  • Electrical Continuity, Isolation & Resistance Testing

  • Potential Profiling

  • Rectifier Monitoring & Troubleshooting

  • System Maintenance & Troubleshooting

  • Long-term Data Acquisition

  • Underground Pipeline Current Mapping

  • Soil & Water Analysis

Cathodic Protection Field Testing

  • Current Requirement

  • Line Current (native & operational)

  • Current Mapping

  • Resistivity Profile (soil & water)

  • Electrical Continuity & Isolation

  • Pipe & Cable Location

  • Foreign Contact Detection

  • Cathodic Protection Review

  • Potential Profiles (annual & close interval surveys)

  • Stray Current & Interference

  • Cell-to-Cell Surveys

Installation Services

  • Deep Anode Drilling

  • Complete Cathodic Protection System Installation

  • Cathodic Protection System Repair

  • Cathodic Protection System Relocation

  • Cathodic Protection System Abandonment

Maintenance Services

  • Cathodic Protection Review

  • Foreign Contact Locating

  • Periodic Rectifier Monitoring

  • Coating Inspection, Factory or Field

  • Rectifier Monitoring & Repair

  • Instrument Repair

  • Holiday Detection

Cathodic Protection Monitoring

Electrical & Instrumentation Services

Fairtex Integrated Services Ltd provides EPCIM for electrical power equipment, process equipment, control systems, instrument equipment, calibration, integration of multiple processes communication systems, start up & commissioning for the Oil & Gas (Off-shore and On-land), Petrochemical, Utilities, Manufacturing, Food Processing and other Industries.

Our Key service areas are:

  • Process Safety Systems

  • Offshore Process Controls

  • ESD Systems

  • Advanced Process Control

  • Steam & Gas Turbine Controls

  • Burner Management Systems

  • Fire & Gas Controls

  • Motor and VFD Systems

  • Electrical System Design and Supply (HV, MV & LV), Transformers

  • E & I Inspection services

  • Valve Repairs/Certification

  • Motor and VFD analysis

Electrical & Instrumentation Services

Flowline Construction

Fairtex undertake complete flow line construction, replacement and repairs in both swamp, land and onshore terrains.

Our services in flowline construction include

  • Flowline design

  • Right of way survey

  • Excavation

  • Pipeline stringing

  • Sleeving

  • Pipeline welding

  • Pipeline laying

  • Pressure testing

  • NDT inspection

  • Back filling

  • Hook-up / tie-in

  • Commissioning

Flowline Construction

Construction & Installation Of Glass Reinforcement Epoxy & Pipes

Fairtex Integrated services Ltd offers solutions for engineering, procurement, construction, installation and maintenance (EPCIM) for Glass Reinforced Epoxy & Pipes (GRE & GRP) for the upstream, downstream of the oil and gas, refinery, petrochemical, power plant and other industries.

We supply glass reinforced epoxy, pipes and fittings through our international partnership.

Our Contsruction and Installation Services for Fiberglass Reinforcement Epoxy & Pipes Covers:

  • Flow lines and crude oil line

  • Drain lines & scrubber lines

  • Portable drinking water lines

  • Sanitary & waste lines

  • Inert gas line and condensate line

  • Fire fighting lines

  • Chemical and injection line

  • Fibreglass Grating

  • Handrail systems

  • Structural support system

  • Water/wastewater tank

  • Platform system for vessel and tank

Construction & Installation Of Glass Reinforcement Epoxy & Pipes

Construction & Installation Of Glass Reinforcement Epoxy & Pipes

Offshore/Onshore Construction & Installation Services

FAIRTEX is an experienced company providing offshore/onshore construction & installation services for the oil & gas company.

Fairtex has a long track record of performing all the phases of Engineering, Procurement, Construction, Installation and Commissioning including start-up assistance. Fairtex delivers solutions by providing values for our customers through;

  • Improved HSE achievements

  • Increased efficiency and production

  • Reduced operational costs

Offshore / Onshore Construction & Installation Services Covers the Following:

  • Piping

  • Walkways

  • Handrails

  • Pipe Racks

  • Skids

  • Riser Clamps

  • Decking

  • Process Modules

  • Manifolds/Modules

  • Decks Extension

  • Boat Landing

  • Decking Reinforcement & Support Steelwork

  • Conductor Guide Frame & Clamps

  • Construction onshore process equipment

  • Expansion and upgrading of existing facilities

  • Operation of existing facilities

  • Maintenance and Modification

Our expertise ranges from project management, work preparation, project control, procurement, fabrication, modular construction, electrical/mechanical installation and commissioning.

Our engineers and technical personnel have multi-discipline competence and expertise for project delivery in all our operations.

Offshore/Onshore Construction & Installation Services

Offshore/Onshore Construction & Installation Services

Engineering Services And Project Management

Fairtex provides engineering services to the upstream, midstream and downstream of the oil & gas industry. Our engineering services solves design problems through our engineering team for design process equipment and components for a range of industries including the oil & gas, refinery and petrochemical industries.

Fairtex detailed design and engineering expertise covers the following disciplines

  • Process Engineering & Design

  • Loss Control Engineering & Design

  • Mechanical / Piping Engineering & Design

  • Electrical Engineering & Design

  • Instrumentation Engineering & Design

  • Structural Engineering & Design

  • Architectural Engineering & Design

  • Civil Engineering & Design

  • Pipeline Engineering & Design

  • Subsea, Risers & Floaters

  • Heat Exchanger Design

  • Pressure Vessels Design

  • Structural Analysis

  • Pipe Stress Analysis

  • Skid Design

  • 3D Modelling

Project Management

Fairtex specializes in providing project management services which include but not limited to the following disciplines

  • Project planning

  • Construction management

  • Commissioning / startup

  • Procurement

  • Project management

  • Quality assurance / Quality control

  • Procedure development

  • Database development and management

  • Materials management

Engineering Services And Project Management

Engineering Services And Project Management

We are providing good & on time services to our valuable clients.