HVAC Services

Fairtex provides design, sales, installation and maintenance for HVAC equipment in the oil & gas, marine, petrochemical, refinery and other commercial sectors for industrial heating and cooling systems.

Our Services Includes:

  • Heating Service

  • Heating Repair

  • Heating Installation

  • Heating Replacement

  • Heating Inspection

  • Heating Tune Up

  • Furnace

  • Heat Pump

  • Air Conditioning Service

  • Air Conditioning Repair

  • Air Conditioning Installation

  • Air Conditioning Replacement

  • Air Conditioning Inspection

  • Air Conditioning Tune Up

HVAC Services

Vessels And Tube Cleaning & Inspection Services

Fairtex provides cleaning and inspection services for vessel, storage tanks and heat exchangers of all sizes for the oil & gas industries and refineries.

Because of the hazardous nature of confined space, Fairtex has developed a range of technologies and methods to safely clean tanks and vessels using personnel with adequate procedure and method for the removal of wet or dry bulk muds, brines, sand, and sludge deposits.

Our Vessel and Tube Cleaning & Inspection Services Covers:

  • External Shell Side Heat Exchanger Cleaning

  • Twisted Tube Heat Exchanger Cleaning

  • Fired Heater / Furnace Cleaning

  • Flare Line Cleaning

  • U-Tube Heat Exchanger Cleaning

  • Shell And Tube Heat Exchanger Cleaning And Inspection

  • Condenser Cleaning

  • Scrubbers cleaning

  • Air Cooled Condensers Cleaning

  • Waste Heat Recover Units cleaning

  • Dehydrator Cleaning

  • Tank And Vessel Cleaning

  • Turbine Blade Cleaning

  • Pipe And Pipeline cleaning

Vessels And Tube Cleaning & Inspection Services

Vessels And Tube Cleaning & Inspection Services

Anti-corrosion Services

Our expertise in anti-corrosion and industrial coating technologies has enabled us to secure many prestigious and demanding painting contracts.

Fairtex offers management solution for pre-survey work, through life-coatings specification, grit blasting and water blasting for surface preparation and high quality coating systems.

We are able to provide anti-corrosion services and inspection for protecting equipment and facilities from corrosion and prolong the useful life of industrial assets for the oil & gas, petrochemical, refinery and other industrial applications.

Our anti-corrosion services covers the following

  • Coatings

  • Hydro-Blasting

  • Thermal Spray Application

  • Epoxy Syntactic Foam

  • Epoxy Syntactic Foam

  • Blasting

Anti-corrosion Services

Composite Wrap Services

Fairtex offer a wide range of composite wrapping & repair services designed to extend asset life by providing reactive, adaptable and cost-efficient repairs to a variety of steel structures in both offshore and onshore environments.

Our composite wrapping services are used to restore structural integrity and decrease the need for expensive shut downs and steel replacement. We offer structural steel repairs, pipeline repairs and leak sealing services.

Our Composite Wrapping services include

  • Pipe reinforcement and compositional repair for external corrosion

  • Offshore/onshore composite external pipes repairs

  • Damage pipe reinforcement and composite repair for subsea

  • Risers Wrapping & Repair

Fairtex composite wrapping services offers important advantages by:

  • Reducing the need for costly steel replacements

  • Minimizing repair time

  • Providing fast and adaptable systems

  • Minimizing shutdown time

  • Stopping leakage

  • Providing emergency response

Composite Wrap Services

Composite Wrap Services

Flange Management And Torquing Services

Fairtex provide flange management and torquing services to the oil & gas processing industry. We are able to select and use the correct flange, valves, gaskets & bolt using our procedures and Method for the management of client facility. We have experienced technicians and torquing equipment for project delivery.

Our Flange & Torquing Services Included:

  • Joint Data Management

  • Manual Bolt Torquing

  • Hydraulic Bolt Torquing

  • Hydraulic Bolt Tensioning

  • Joint Breakout

We utilize the latest technology to ensure that high quality services are provided to our clients and offers you full guaranty on the following:

  • Assurance of uniform bolt loading and gasket compression

  • Quicker assembly, disassembly of the joint

  • Safety, prevention of accidents

  • Prevention of fastener damage

Flange Management And Torquing Services

Flange Management And Torquing Services

Passive Fire Protection

Fairtex supply and install passive fire protection system to the oil and gas industry for both offshore and onshore platforms including refineries, petrochemical and other industries.

Fire is an ever-present danger at offshore locations. Oil and fuels burn fiercely, making it necessary to provide offshore facilities with fire protection of the very highest quality.

Fairtex supplies first-class fire-protection systems together with passive fire-resistant materials for use in a offshore and onshore platforms, including steel constructions, buildings, piping and cables.

Our Passive Fire Protection Capabilities

  • Install both epoxy and cementitious passive fire protection within the hydrocarbon market

  • Install passive fire protection within the cellulosic market

  • Install precision grouting; both epoxy and cementitious product

  • Installation of thermal insulation, epoxy cable coating and joint seals

  • Protective coatings for anti-corrosion treatment of steel structures, equipment and piping

  • Wet sprayed linings, including elastomeric polyurethane, polyuria, polyester and epoxy

  • Wet sprayed epoxy, polyuria and urethane pipeline coatings

  • Installation of passive fire protection within the cellulosic market

  • Installation of insulation employing the latest in insulation product technology

Passive Fire Protection

Passive Fire Protection

Insulation & Cladding Services

Fairtex Integrated services Ltd is an insulation company specializing on the insulation of mechanical systems, plumbing systems, tanks and vessels, reactors, process piping, steam piping, ductwork, breechings, hot systems, cold systems, ammonia systems, heat tracing and many other requirements to control heat loss, heat gain or condensation control.

Our Insulation Services Covers

  • Industrial insulation

  • Marine & Offshore Insulation

  • Watertight Insulation Cladding

  • Building Insulation

  • Acoustic Ceilings and Walls Insulation

  • Process & Marine Industry Insulation

  • Sandwich Panel Insulation

  • Ground-borne Noise & Vibration Insulation

Insulation & Cladding Services

Insulation & Cladding Services

Construction Modification & Maintenance (CMM)

We Undertakes long term maintenance and modification agreements supporting both offshore and onshore facilities.

Fairtex is an experienced provider of maintenance and modification services to the oil and gas industry, where we effectively combine our engineering, construction and operation capabilities.

We aim to pioneer new ways of working through integrated operations, whereby different geographical locations and successive project phases are managed by highly experienced personnel. The personnel are supported by advanced software systems and tailored work processes.

The company holds comprehensive knowledge in enhancing oil and gas production, improving technical integrity, HSE achievements and maintenance efficiency.

Our Construction Modification & Maintenance main market areas are:

  • Process facilities, topsides and onshore maintenance

  • Modifications of production flow line

  • Maintenance and modifications of process equipment

  • Production, processing and flow-assurance

  • Construction & modification of compression station

  • Meter station / Piping and facility fabrication and modification

  • Maintenance and modifications of Pipelines, risers and structures

  • Fabrication and installation of process facilities and structures offshore and onshore

Construction Modification & Maintenance (CMM)

Construction Modification & Maintenance (CMM)

We are providing good & on time services to our valuable clients.