Pad Eye Testing Services

Fairtex Group Offers pad eye proof load testing services up to 100 tons using our pad eye testing machines and personnel. Pad eye testers are used in instances where the pad eye is deck mounted, attached to an equipment basket, in a hard-to-reach location, inaccessible or with limited headroom to allow for the use of water bags. If necessary, our pad eye testing machines can be adapted to suit irregular mechanical configurations that would prevent the use of a standard straight-pull pad eye tester.

Digital Pad Eye Tester Allows you to proof test your pad eyes to ensure a successful lift

Lightweight, portable tool for testing pad eyes, lifting lugs, and eye bolts. It can be used upright, inverted, or in a horizontal plane. Models are available up to 50-ton proof test capability. Equipped with an adjustable clevis height and large dial capacity readout. Aluminium housing on 10 Ton, 20 Ton, and 30 Ton models.

Pad eye testing services

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