Marine CALM Bouy Services

Fairtex provides installation services of catenary anchor leg mooring (CALM) buoys as well as provide a complete maintenance management service, through its collaboration with its technical partners for not just the CALM buoys but also the supporting equipment such as floating and sub-sea hoses, together with the provision and maintenance of all ancillary equipment such as hose end valves, spool pieces and chains.

Fairtex Marine's CALM buoy services include:

  • CALM buoy installation

  • CALM buoy operation

  • CALM buoy maintenance

  • CALM buoy refurbishment

  • CALM buoy repair

  • CALM buoy removal

Mooring Operation Services

Fairtex provides experienced staff in charge of mooring operation services and mooring assistance with experienced marine officers and polyvalent diving seamen trained for mooring of CALM buoys or Tandem mooring operations. Fairtex provides personnel to manage the following positions

  • Senior Pilot

  • Pilot

  • Mooring/Berthing Master

  • Mooring Master assistant

  • Polyvalent Diving Seaman

Marine CALM Bouy Services

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