Crane Inspection Services

In an effort to fulfill its vision and further its professional third party focus, Fairtex started its Inspection Division offering its clients crane inspection services on high quality, reliable and professional service they have been used to in Load Testing and other Inspections.

Fairtex Crane Inspection Services Covers;

  • Periodic inspection of cranes include Monthly, Quarterly, Annual and 5-year

  • All Preventive Maintenance (PM´s) of the Crane

  • Pressure Test on all Crane Hydraulic Systems

  • NDT of critical structural components

  • Load Test Equipment

  • Calibration of Crane Safe Work Load Indicator

  • Comprehensible Training for Operators and Crane Maintenance Supervisors

  • Training of Crane Operators and Maintenance Team and Supervisors

  • Certification of Crane Pad Eyes

We are providing good & on time services to our valuable clients.