Wire Rope Inspection & Integrity Management

Fairtex wire rope inspection and spooling system provides our clients with a service that allows them to confidently extend the life of their ropes and by in-situ condition based inspection. By using this technique for wire rope inspection, clients gain real information about the condition of their ropes which leads to the potential of their life span being extended and in return reduces replacement costs. Fairtex wire rope inspection services provides more confidence because:

  • The technique allows us to 'see' inside the rope, to detect broken wires and corrosion wherever it occurs.

  • The technique provides quantitative data as opposed to a subjective visual inspection.

  • Wire ropes being tested do not have to be cleaned first, minimizing time.

  • We test the ropes and evaluate the results in accordance with standards accepted throughout the world.

  • We are able to provide instantaneous results by connecting with a computer while testing is taking place.

  • For breaks on the surface, the sensor head will find one broken wire in as many as 250 wires.

  • For internal breaks, the detector will find fractures when they amount to 1% or more of the total number of wires.

  • For corrosion at any location, the sensor will find 1% or more loss in cross sectional area.

Fairtex wire rope inspection & integrity management covers both wire, fiber ropes, crane rope, elevator ropes, access ropes, winches rope, mining ropes, chimney fire guy ropes, aerial cableway ropes, drilling ropes, stay cables and suspended cables bridges rope and new ropes either during production run or delivered to the customer, We carry out on-site inspection for onshore and offshore.

Wire Rope Inspection & Integrity Management

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