Marine Hose Management Solution

Fairtex Nigeria Ltd provides hose management solution services for the oil and gas, refinery, petrochemical, LNG, and other industrial purposes. Our technical partnership with Trelleborg Oil & Marine through our representative in Nigeria positions Fairtex as a leading supplier of marine hose and hose management solution provider.

Fairtex provide marine hose maintenance, repair and hose re-certification services in accordance with SMOG 2015, OCIMF 1995 and client procedures, covering the following hose manufacturers, Trelleborg, Yokohama, Dunlop, Flexomarine, EMSTEC GmbH & Parker Hoses.

We performed the following hose management solutions which includes:

  • Change Out Operations

  • Regular Preventive Maintenance of Offloading Lines

  • Curative Maintenance

  • Hose Storage and Preservation Solution which includes offsite record keeping and electronic database services

  • Marine Hose Training Services

Marine Hose Management Solution

Change-out Operations

Fairtex perform marine hose change-out operations in accordance with client maintenance plan. These services include:

  • Onshore assembly operations on the "new" offloading line

  • Assistance for towing the "new" line from the onshore Site to the offshore site

  • Disconnection / connection of the old / new line on Site

  • Towing back the "old" line to the onshore site

  • Dismantling operations on the old line

  • Cleaning and waste management

  • Repair works

  • Preparation for long term storage of the line

  • Inspection & Re-certification

Change-out Operations

Change-out Operations

Preventive Maintenance

Hose life depends on the quality of the maintenance. Repairing any damage as soon as it appears and planning for superficial damage to be repaired onshore may prevent it from becoming worse or even irreversible and catastrophic.

We provide preventive maintenance in order to keep the hoses string fully operational for a new oil offloading line in accordance with the OCIMF and manufacturers recommendations.

We provide inspections and tests for hoses as follow:

  • Visual inspection

  • Hydrostatic test

  • Vacuum test

  • Electrical / continuity test

  • Weight test

  • Dimensional measurement

  • Burst test

  • Bending test

  • Hose Repair

  • Re-certification

Preventive Maintenance

Preventive Maintenance

Curative Maintenance

Fairtex provides curative maintenance for floating and submarine hoses used offshore which are exposed to several risks such as:

  • External tears caused by propellers

  • Tears resulting from passing under the hull of tankers at berth

  • Chafing under the hulls of tankers or tugboats

  • Accidental contacts with sharp metallic structures

  • Attack by marlins

We perform repair tasks on the external hose body if it is superficially damaged or when steel carcasses are not damaged.

Curative Maintenance

Curative Maintenance

Hose Storage & Preservation Solution

Fairtex provides storage and preservation solution for marine hoses in accordance with OCIMF standards to our client. Our storage and preservation solutions covers Trelleborg, Yokohama, Dunlop, Flexomarine, EMSTEC GmbH & Parker Hoses. Hose life in storage may be affected by temperature, humidity, ozone, sunlight, oils, solvents, corrosive liquids and vapors, insects and rodents.

Hoses are stored in our yards in accordance with OCIMF recommendations. Fairtex provides hose management solution for storage, preservation and handling in accordance with OCIMF guidelines. Fairtex follows the below guidelines to ensure safer hose storage services:

  • Hoses are stored on special steel racks

  • Steel racks are covered to protect them from sunlight (U/V)

  • Cradles of steel racks are particularly well maintained in order to ensure protection of the hoses

Hose Storage & Preservation Solution

Custom Engineered Skid Package Mounted Modular Process System

Fairtex group manufacturing remains strong and committed to meeting your current and future needs. With over 20 years of experience for custom Engineered Skid Mounted Modular Process Systems. Fairtex Group is a leader in Process Engineering, design and processing equipment, and we partner with OEM around the world for various equipment package for better services delivery. Our scope cover Process Engineering & Design

Fairtex group have engineers for custom design and manufacture modular systems that will not only satisfy your project requirements, but are specially designed to provide you years of trouble-free operation. Our accomplishments are many and our projects have been both local and international. Our team takes great pride in our reputation for manufacturing a wide range of processing equipment which are consistently superior in quality, performance, and reliability.

Fairtex Group engineering team will use design software tools like PDMS, AutoCAD, AutoPlant, InTools, Pipesim, Flaresim, Flarenet, Ceaser II, SKM Power Tools, Rebis, Instru calc, Smart Plant & Smart Sketch, COADE (Tank), amongst others.

What we do basically are:

  • Conceptual design / feasibility studies

  • Basic engineering design

  • Front end engineering design

  • Detail engineering design

  • Drafting and as-built drawings including 3D

  • Project management and engineering consultancy services

Project Managment

Fairtex group design and direct the production of your process systems, no matter how complex your project. Each project is assigned a dedicated Project Management Group consisting of a Project Manager, Project Engineer, and Design Team to manage each project from start to finish.

The Project Manager (PM) oversees all aspects of your project’s needs, serving as your single point of contact. Your Project Engineer (PE) acts as the liaison between the PM and the technical facets of your project. Our Design Team works with precision to create “engineered-to-order” packages, fulfilling all necessary specifications that will meet or exceed your requirements.

Fairtex group pproject Management team work to transform your vision into reality, guaranteeing proper certification, quality performance, and installation for use anywhere around the world.

Engineering Design

Fairtex group designs modular liquid and gas process systems, fully optimized, integrable, and Engineered-to-Order, delivered to you ready to “plug into” your process flow at your plant.

Fairtex group use the latest AutoCAD 3D software, one of the world’s leading automation design tools, to generate models of each system package. These models facilitate more in-depth solution planning and execution, improve project management capabilities, minimize equipment interferences, while maximizing safety.

Process Simulation

Fairtex group utilizes process simulation software for conceptual design, optimizing, and performance modelling of it his pproposed solutions to customer requirements. we partner with process automation company for process simulation


Fairtex group knows the proper integration of automation and controls with packaged mechanical equipment is important to you and the success of your plant. From microprocessors monitoring and controlling the simplest functions to integrating PLC control functions into remote systems – including supplied equipment, understands the process requirements to design and supply the best controls for the project.

We are providing good & on time services to our valuable clients.