Offshore Diving Services

Fairtex Nigeria Ltd through its partnership with CDC Commercial Diving Contractor and Petrodive Subsea Works operates at depths of up to 300 metres to inspect and maintain your offshore facilities in complete safety.

We adopted three types of diving spread depending on the depth at which we are working. Our professional team of underwater divers and engineers has the required expertise and certification to perform underwater services at a depth of up to 300 metres.

  • Air System Down to 50 Metres

  • Mixed Gas System Down to 70 Metres

  • Saturation System Down to 300 Metres

Our Diving Activities

  • SBM/SPM & PLEM Installation and Maintenances

  • Riser Installation,Pipe Laying & Cable Laying

  • Anode Installation & Replacement

  • General Visual Inspection(GVI) of Rigs & Offshore Structures

  • High Pressure Water Jetting for removal of marine growths.

  • Hull Cleaning

  • Underwater Cutting & Welding Of Sacrificial Zinc Anodes

  • Inspection and Installation Of Pipeline

  • Submarine Hose Inspection & Repairs

Offshore Diving Services

We are providing good & on time services to our valuable clients.