Supply of ComatReleco Relays And Contactors

ComatReleco relays and contactors

ComatReleco is one of the world’s leading suppliers of high-quality relays and contactors of all kinds.

ComatReleco has appointed Fairtex as their representative in Nigeria for the promotion, and supply of high quality relays and contactors to the oil & gas, power plant, industrial automation and building installation.


  • Relay & Contactors

  • Time Relay

  • Monitoring & Measuring Devices

  • Sockets

  • Remote Monitoring & Remote Control

  • Soft Starters

Industrial Contactors

ComatReleco relays and contactors_Industrial Contactors

Industrial Relays - pluggable

ComatReleco relays and contactors_Industrial Relays - pluggable

Solid state relays CSS

ComatReleco relays and contactors_Solid state relays CSS

Solid State Contactors

ComatReleco relays and contactors_Solid State Contactors

Installation Relays

ComatReleco relays and contactors_Installation Relays

Solid State Relays

ComatReleco relays and contactors_Solid State Relays

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