Supply of Perimeter Protection And Fencing

Perimeter protection and Fencing

GRUPO SLS has appointed Fairtex Integrated Services Ltd as its agent in Nigeria for the supply of SIEZA perimeter protection and fencing sensors to the oil & gas, petrochemical, chemical, refinery and other industrial applications in Nigeria.




  • MDS (movement detection system)


Perimeter protection and Fencing_PERIDECT

PERIDECT system brings a reliable solution for precise and effective protection of your facilities. It detects vibrations from the fencing and provides higher preventions of larger damage than detecting an intruder inside the protected area. Peridect can be installed on all common types of fencing but also on non-standard fencing like metal plates and welded decorative fences.

Underground Perimeter protection

Perimeter protection and Fencing_Underground Perimeter protection

Human Movement Detection

Perimeter protection and Fencing_Human Movement Detection

MDS (movement detection system) detects any hidden person located in the interior or cargo area of the vehicle. MDS detects even low signals such as heartbeat. MDS uses a simple, non-invasive measurement method. It is a passive detection that has no side effects for the human organism or nearby devices.

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